4/6/14 - March Madness 2014: What an interesting match up for the title.

First and foremost, I have to apologize. Apparently, I managed to miss Levell's tie score when I created the possible scenarios spreadsheet. He has been tied, and is currently tied for 2nd/3rd place and will be in the running for those position, even though he does not appear in the scenarios spreadsheet.

Congratulations are in order, as Elizabeth 2 now has a lock on the first place title. She will officially have her name on the plaque and will be awarded first place money upon completion of the championship game.

As for who will be taken 2nd and 3rd, I have broken it down into the possible scenarios as there is a four way tie for these positions. The left column is the exact final score, the 2nd column is the 2nd place winner and the third column is the third place winner.

I make no guarantees that the following calculations are accurate. I believe they are close, but I am tired, and will do a full investigation upon completion of the game on Monday evening.

Final Score Range 2nd Place 3rd Place
<= 120 Jason Levell
121-128 Levell Jason
129-133 Levell Darren
134-141 Darren Levell
142-149 Darren Elizabeth
>=150 Elizabeth Darren


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