3/30/14 - LROMMC 2014 - Final Four has been set

I have updated Google Drive with the final eight possible scenarios. A five way tie will happen if Connecticut makes it to the championship game. It will be a matter of the Kentucky/Wisconsin game to determine if those five will fight it out for all three places or if Matt will take the win and leave 2nd and 3rd to be fought over. If Florida makes it to the championship however, Stephen and Jason will battle for first with Chris in 3rd, unless Kentucky beats Florida in the title game where William gets in the mix with Stephen and Jason, where they will all battle it out for all three places.

Here are the current standings wit updated links so you can view everyone's picks.

Name Points Tiebreak
Levell Kinchen 60 125
Stephen Shirley 60 128
Darren Tillery 60 141
Jason Holland 60 115
William Dunn 60 175
Randy Spellins 59 143
Chris Johnson 58 141
Jon Albright 58 147
Matthew Carpenter 58 107
Barry Settlemoir 57 145
Tamra Upton 55 115
Kent Bryant 55 0
DJ Walker 52 145
Flint Allen 51 177
Roderick Ott 51 158
Donna Griffith 48 146
Michael Hall 42 180


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