3/17/14 - 5th Annual Little Rock March Madness Office Challenge

If you are looking for the Walker March Madness Pool, please follow and bookmark this link.

Welcome to the 5th Annual (skipped a year) Little Rock Office March Madness Challenge (LROMMC) 2014. The rules are simple and are included below. Since everyone is here in the office, it should be pretty easy to collect the brackets. I will not be passing out brackets individually unless you request one from me. I'll print out a couple and place them on my desk, feel free to pick up a few if you'd like. I might send an email Thursday morning before the games start as a reminder, but I'm taking it much easier on everyone this year.

Past trophy winners include Carl, William and our most recent trophy winner Sejal. Of course Michael has held our first place trophy for the last three years, having won in 2011 and 2012 and a 3rd place finish in 2010. The only other name on our trophy multiple times is Darren with a win in the inaugural pool of 2009 and a 2nd place finish in 2012. To view the trophy, it is currently sitting on my desk, waiting to be delivered to this year's winner.

Those of you interested in a higher stakes pool, please view the link listed at the top of the page or just talk to me about it.

Daily updates (daily as in game day) will be made on this website with the most up to date scores. I will no longer be doing daily emails, you'll just have to check back here to see who's winning (or how bad your are doing).

  1. A completed bracket should contain the following information:
    • A prediction for all 63 games of the tournament
    • The play-in games do not count for points. If you have a play-in game winner, both teams will be treated as one. For example, if you have NC State or Xavier beating Saint Louis, you would get a point for picking a Saint Louis loss, regardless of your choice of NC State/Xavier.
    • The entrants name and tiebreak point prediction (see below).
  2. Points will be awarded for winning picks as follows:
    • By picking the winner of a 1st round game, 1 point is awarded.
    • By picking the winner of a 2nd round game (correctly placing a team in the Sweet 16), 2 points are awarded.
    • By picking the winner of a Sweet 16 game (correctly placing a team in the Elite 8), 3 points are awarded.
    • By picking the winner of an Elite 8 game (correctly placing a team in the Final Four), 4 points are awarded.
    • By picking the winner of a Final Four game (correctly placing a team in the Championship game), 5 points are awarded.
    • By picking the winner of the Championship game (correctly predicting the NCAA National Champion), 6 points are awarded.
  3. Tie Breaker
    • In the case of a tie at the end of the tournament, a tiebreak will be determined by the entry correctly guessing the TOTAL number of points scored by both teams in the Championship game.
    • If a tiebreaker is not provided at the time of bracket submission, a default tie breaker of 0 will be used.
    • The winning entry with the closest prediction to the actual total (whether going over or not) will be given the win. If both entries are equally close, the individual who chose lower than the actual total will be awarded the win.
    • In the case that none of the "Winners" submit a tiebreak prediction (or if the predictions are the same), the entrant with the most correct picks in the first round will be given the win.
    • If still tied, the 2nd round will be used, followed by the third round, etc.
    • If still no winner has been determined, by the championship game, the entrants will share the title or position.


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