1/12/14 - Amazon.com referral program is back

Quite some time ago, because of lawmakers in the state of Arkansas and a few other states around the country, Amazon decided to end the Associates program of individuals living in those states.  That program was my primary method of paying for this website, and helped me out greatly.

Recently (see, this afternoon), I decided to set that program back up using a new method and the results at this point are promising.  Please note the link in the upper right hand corner that says Amazon.com.  Using that link, it will take you directly to the amazon home page where you can search, order and do everything you normally would with no hidden tricks.  Once you click that link, you can bookmark it so that you have quick access to it.

Every time you order something after following that link, I get a small percentage, usually around 4% of the total purchase price.  It's not much, but I made enough previously to cover the hosting costs and domain registration for this site.  If you'd like to share the link with others, I wouldn't complain.

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