10/10/12 - Proper running/driving etiquette?

Now that I've been running more lately, I've come across several situations where I question the ability of the average human to properly operate a motor vehicle.  However, at the same time, I question if I'm the one that is not handling the situation properly.  Although I have a pretty good feeling that the only responses I get to this blog post will be from an Anonymous commenter advertising the greatest anti aging cream ever, I still have to try.

Here's the issue, at least for this post, there might be more in the future.  When I'm running on a sidewalk, with the flow of traffic*, and a vehicle from the opposite direction is turning left down the side street that I am about to cross, there seems to be way too much confusion on the part of the driver as to what they should do.

As I come up to an intersection and I see a car turning onto a side street, I'll typically slow down if I think there come be any possibility that we meet at the same time.  I feel that the car has the right of way, and even if they don't, I should yield to them for safety reasons.  If I think I can make it with no issue, I'll speed up and pass.

The confusion comes in when the driver makes the turn, and gets halfway onto the side street, the rear of the car, or sometimes all of the car still in oncoming traffic of the main street.  Apparently they didn't notice me on the sidewalk a mere 20 feet in front of them and they immediately stop when they do, even though I had come to a stand still jog.  Instead of motioning for me to cross, or honking, they just sit and stare.  It then becomes my responsibility to remind them that they are now blocking traffic and should go, so I wave them on.

I've had a handful of situations where they, in return signal for me to go ahead and cross...all the while, they are still sitting in traffic.  I'm not sure who is correct, but it seems to me that from a safety viewpoint, the car should get out of the oncoming lanes.  I'm pretty sure if the drivers were paying more attention, they could have waited to turn and allowed me to cross before making the turn.  That seems like a pretty big stretch though to ask other drivers to pay attention to their surroundings.

So there's my question, all that to ask "How should the situation be handled when a driver attempts to turn onto a street that I'm attempting to cross?"

* I could be in the wrong by running with traffic.  However, it is my understanding that running against traffic is only applicable when running on the shoulder or directly in the lane of traffic, essentially when no sidewalks are available.  Someone please correct me if I'm wrong here.  Should I as a pedestrian, always go against the flow of traffic even if a sidewalk is not available on that side of the road, or should the sidewalk always take precedence?


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