4/2/12 - March Madness Final results

The final results will be posted tomorrow.  I have not had a chance to update from this weekend, but both the Annual Little Rock Office March Madness Challenge and the Walker Pool have been finalized, left over to a tiebreak for 1st and 2nd in the Walker Pool.  Points in parentheses are current scores.  If Kentucky wins, you can add 6 to each of the point totals as all of our winners have Kentucky winning the title.  Those few that picked Kansas to win it all are too far behind to catch these entries.

For the Little Rock Office Challenge, Michael Hall (84) took 1st place followed by Darren Tillery (80) and Flint Allen (78).

For the Walker Pool, Eric Chilton (76) and Michael Pierce (76) will be battling for 1st and 2nd ($150 and $75).  Eric has a tiebreak of 163 and Michael 164.  163 or less and the title is Eric's.  164 or more and Michael gets the big money.  Third place and $25 has been wrapped up by Kyle Raible.

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