4/8/11 - We planted our garden

Last year, we built a 4' x 2' raised garden where we planted a some strawberries, tomatoes, cucumber and basil. We attempted to grow some flowers and onions but both failed miserably. This year, we kicked it up a notch.

I tilled up a very large section of our backyard, I'd say around 10' x 20' to plant all sorts of stuff. We let Makenna pick out a few things that she wanted to grow. Of course, I don't think she had any idea what she was picking, but she liked the pictures on the seed packages.

We started with 2 larger tomato plants and 4 smaller tomato plants. Everything else was started from seed. This will be a bit of an experiment as to what works best. Here is a breakdown of what we've got going.

Tomato: a lot of tomato, at least 25% of our garden is tomato.
Cucumber: Last year we grew two plants, this year we should have 4 or 5
Squash: We've never grown squash, so we are interested to see how it works out. We planted about as much squash as we did cucumber.
Carrots: Makenna wanted to plant carrots even though to my knowledge we have never kept carrots in our house unless we are making pot roast. We planted about a 2' x 2' section of carrots.
Onion: we planted probably 24 or so onion bulbs, just to see if we can get them growing better than last year.
Sweet Corn: Makenna also picked out the corn, so we figured we'd give it a shot. I expect to get 3 or 4 stalks of corn by the end of the season.
Dill: if the seeds take, we will have enough dill to last us a life time.
Basil: Like the dill, if half the seed takes, we will have more basil than we know what to do with.
Flowers: Makenna also picked out some pretty pink flowers she wanted to grow, so we'll see how that goes.

In another section of the yard, our ground was completely bare from where our patio had a ramp leading to it. We have since replaced the ramp with steps leaving a big dirt spot. In an attempt to get something to grow, I brought in some soil to build up the area and grade it, and then threw out some bermuda seed. I'm hopeful that if anything grows, this will be the one.


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I have always wanted to do a garden but don't really know what to do or have the time and patience to really work at it. Good Luck. I may be hitting you up for some tomatos and cucumbers!

By Blogger sdhorton, at April 10, 2011 at 7:05 AM  

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