4/15/11 - Tornado sirens in the wee hours

I knew we were supposed to have pretty heavy storms last night, but when I got in bed, the wind was blowing, but that was about it. At 2am, however, I was awoken by the tornado sirens. I've always been the type, that when the sirens go off, that's your signal to step outside and just have a look for yourself. I still have that same thought process, with one added piece, make sure your girls are safe (all three of them).

Last night was no exception. I immediately got out of bed and stepped outside, just to have a quick look. What I saw did not make me happy. It was COMPLETELY calm, which is always the signal that it's about to get real. But on top of that, it just felt "wrong". It might have been the fact that I was stirred from my slumber at 2am, but it just put me on edge.

With it still calm, i came back in, but before I could get back in bed, it started raining. Not just a little bit of rain, but a serious rainstorm. What came with it was from what I could tell very high winds (internet showed only 15mph winds, but I'm not buying that). It was also swirling rain, as I could hear the rain hitting each side of our house in succession. That was enough for me. I decided to get my girls and hang out in the bathroom for a few minutes, simply preparing for the worst.

Makenna slept in my arms the whole time, Kinsley sat in Cristi's arms, but was quite good with the whole ordeal. I've learned that trying to get Raider in the bathroom is virtually impossible, and with it raining outside, he was terrified already and would have peed on the carpet had I got near him...he had to fend for himself.

No more than 5 minutes in the bathroom, we went back to bed and after tucking them all in I turned on the TV to check the local channels for any updates. It took a minute for a satellite (thanks Dish) to pick up any stations, but once it came on, all they were saying is that there was virtually no more threat of a tornado and the rain was clear past our house based on their weather maps.

Once I heard that, I was much more at ease and headed back to bed. Not something I'd like to do again anytime soon, but it made me feel pretty good as the sirens actually woke me up before Cristi. Being a dad is rough, knowing you are responsible for the protection of several other lifeforms is pretty nerve racking.


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Chris slept through the whole thing..I was keeping an eye on Nash and the weather. Not fun.

By Blogger sdhorton, at April 16, 2011 at 9:36 PM  

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