4/11/11 - Charitable giving

People know that I'm tight with my money. That's how I was raised, and although I'm not quite as much of a miser as I used to be, I still save and don't like to let it go easily. Charitable giving is something that I still have problems with. I donate money to causes that I feel are worthwhile or that I fully understand. My biggest problem is that I don't trust must other people to use the money I give in a proper way. (same issue with paying taxes, although i still do it).

But, this is a post about something completely different. I was at one my lawn care customer's homes and I saw a young boy in Boy Scout uniform and has dad walking door to door. I immediately assumed that they were doing some sort of fund raising for Boy Scouts, quite common, no big deal. (As I retell the story, the numbers might be off as it has been a while since this has happened, but the basic idea still remains).

When the reached the house I was mowing, they walked to the door and I was at a point in my job that I was able to hear the conversation. The homeowner answered and the boy began his speech. When he was done, she politely said that she didn't need any of what he was selling but asked if she could write a check. He said that would be fine. She then asked if $10 would help him, and he responded with, "No ma'am, it has to be at least $25". His father reiterated this fact.

Are you friggin' kidding me? The Boy Scouts are more than willing to accept a check, but only if it is at least $25. I have yet to figure out why this is? When you buy $25 worth of popcorn (that you can buy at your local grocery store for $5), the scouts probably only get half of that, if that much. And that doesn't include the overhead included in gathering paper work, filing papers, checking figures, passing out purchases, etc. I would think that a $10 check (which you just have to cash at the bank) would be much more profitable. Heck, a $5 should be completely acceptable.

That's like a beggar refusing to accept a wad of $1 bills because he only accepts $10 bills. If you are going to go around and ask for money, and someone is WILLING TO GIVE YOU MONEY...can someone please tell me why they wouldn't accept it.

This story ends with the homeowner telling him that is too much and sending him away. I don't guess the Boy Scouts are hurting all that bad.


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So...I am just curious..Did you do the fundraiser for your daugther's school?!? We did even though to be honest I was reluctant to at first for similar reasons as stated in your post.

By Blogger sdhorton, at April 11, 2011 at 8:04 PM  

We did not. There was nothing of interest to us, and after the way ALS handled the recent fiasco, we have no desire to support the school at all. And yes, I mean the way the school handled the situation, not the situation itself.

In the future, assuming it is for a cause that I believe in, I will definitely help my kids be active in fund raising activities.

By Blogger DJ Walker, at April 12, 2011 at 1:43 PM  

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