4/7/10 - The tournament is over

I know I'm a day or two late on this, but I've been sick the last couple of days and haven't had a chance to update the website with the final standings. As you can see, the winner is a 2 year old, followed by last year's winner and 3rd place goes to the most interesting bracket I get every year.

Pay out is $87, $44 and $14.

Nash Horton74143
Greg Walker70145
Wes May-hem67145
Kylah Van Horn66161
Cristi Walker66150
Michael Huffman66130
Tim Shelton630
DJ Walker61148
Chris Horton59156
Whitney Walker58167
Kyle Raible56156
Blake Bumgardner55144
Stephen Shirley54135
Phillip Walker53154
Craig 152170
Matt Arnold51153
Donna Bumgardner51148
Randy Spellins50141
Geoff Owens 249135
Jason Harmon491061
Mike Bumgardner49157
Jared Selby49150
Uncle/Gary Reynolds48166
Craig 246170
Kent Bryant46150
Jessica Walker46154
Geoff Owens 143127
Eric Chilton42143
John Albritton39148


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