4/29/10 - I don't post for ages, and then all I do is complain.

I've got issues with customer service. I don't feel like I expect too much (and if you disagree, let me know in the comments...seriously, I need to be put in my place). Today's issue is in regards to sales. I'm trying to buy an enclosed trailer for my lawn care business.

Here's what I'm looking for. I want to talk to someone knowledgeable about the product. I want to be able to contact someone and get a call back if necessary. I want the salesman to sound like he is actually interested in selling me something. Last, but not least, if you tell me something, you better be telling me the whole truth.

I thought I had found the trailer I was going to buy. I talked to four locations. One was going out of business (Company A), didn't have the trailer I was looking for and wasn't getting any more. The next place (Company B) when I called said he was leaving for the day (at noon on a Tuesday) and would call me back later with all the information I needed. He actually did call me back, but not until 3:00 the next day. The next place (Company C) I left a message only to not get a call at all. Company D I actually went to last saturday and talked to salesman who quoted me a price on the exact trailer I was interested in. Tuesday I called only to leave a message. I never got called back. I called back and finally spoke to the same salesman and I found out what I needed to in order to buy the trailer today.

So today, I drive 20 minutes to the lot to place the order for the trailer. What I was looking for had to be custom ordered. On saturday, there was no extra fee for this request and there were several discounts for this and that. Today, however, a different salesman tells me that the other guy is new and that the price for the trailer is now $300 more. I was lied to. I had budgeted for the price I was told, only to find out it was a flat out lie.

I walked out of the office. Plain and simple, and at this point, I will not be going back, regardless of the price of the trailer. Company B is now looking like a great company because at least they called me back. Company C who didn't call me back, might still sell me a trailer because I'm going to go up there tomorrow and see what they can offer.

Honestly, I don't feel like I'm asking a lot. I'm willing to pay for what I want. In fact, if the guy on saturday would have told me the correct price, I'd be blogging about purchasing a new trailer right now. The money is not the issue, it is about the customer service. If I have issues with the trailer, I want to feel like I can contact the company and trust the response I get.

So there ya go, my latest issue with companies who manage to stay in business without even having to try at making a customer even somewhat satisfied.

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