1/4/10 - New Year's Resolution review

So, I just remembered that I made some new year's resolutions last year. As documented in this post on January 2nd of last year. I followed up as recently as the end of February, but nothing after that.

Here is the final update of how I did last year.

1) Working out again. This did happen. Me and my brothers have been going for close to 3 months now I think. We are actually starting a new routine tonight, so there are no real signs of slowing down. In fact, I think we have missed 2 workouts and they were both due to the Christmas holiday.

2) Getting up better and going to bed earlier. This is a joke, if anything it has gotten worse. I noted that I was getting up at 7:30 last year. To end the year, my average wake up time was around 8:00 and getting to work just a little after 9:00. Going to bed earlier...hahaha...I usually crawl under the covers between midnight and 2:00 and midnight is very rare.

3) I can't see that I was really eating horribly, although eating could have been better. The holidays, especially with Cristi's mom in town for 2 weeks (and us still eating leftovers) was not a good thing for eating healthy. Considering in 2 weeks we went through 3 boxes of butter, I think I was on the Paula Dean diet. Almost all the leftovers are gone, so I'm going to give myself a passing grade on this resolution.

4) Grass Guys is in good shape. I could have ended the year with a bit more preparation, but a combination of laziness and being satisfied left me with a broken mower, blower and trimmer, still no uniforms that I'm happy with and a lack of marketing material. All these things will be purchased/fixed hopefully in the next two months so they can be written off for the 2010 tax year and before the season starts. I did decide on the insurance bit (with just a tad more research needed) which will help greatly in the commercial expansion. This didn't go so well in 2009.

There you have it. My resolutions last year were pretty vague, but I thought I did pretty well, some of them almost unintentional. The only resolutions I'm making this year is to not shave or cut my hair for a year (I actually plan on breaking this one next weekend) and to play a lot more Call of Duty. I'm pretty sure I can stick with that one.


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