9/11/09 - I'm a vigilante

I think I might have outrun a cop the other day. I was cruising down the interstate on the way to work and in an attempt to pass another vehicle, I got up to about 80 or so...in a 60, as I went by a cop setup on the side of the road. As I passed him, I looked in my rear view a couple of times and eventually so him pull on to the interstate. He never turned on his lights, but the next time I looked in my rear view, he was gaining pretty quick.

I decided I would go ahead and take that exit in the hopes that he might not see me take the exit and keep heading down the road. As I took the exit, another car or two took it behind me, and as I checked my rear view again...here came the cop.

Apparently, the cars behind me were in no hurry because by the time I hit the end of the exit, I couldn't see them at all. I came to the stop sign and took a quick left only to catch a glimpse of the cop car as I went down the road. I then pulled into a parking lot and drove around behind stuff as much as possible only to come to a dead end. I was forced to go back the way I had come, but I was relieve to see that there were no police cars in sight.

I can only assume one of two things happened that day. 1) He was not actually after me, it was only a strange coincidence that he went speeding down the interstate, taking the same exit as me only moments after I went flying past him setup in an obvious speed trap. 2) He actually was coming after me, and I was able to keep just enough space that he was not able to track each one of my turns, probably the turn into the parking lot.

During this time, I was also thinking of the worst case scenario. Assuming he did finally catch up to me, what was I going to say. I had no business being in that parking lot, or in that area alotgether as it was out of my way to get to work. Sadly, I had come up with a line about how my wife (who worked at the building adjacent to the parking lot) had seen a truck in that lot the previous day that was for sale. Since I've been looking for that truck, it seemed pretty believable to me.

So, that's my story for the day, and the moral of all this is...Kids, don't do drugs, and don't speed.


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