8/31/09 - Drivnig is not a difficult task.

I'm pretty sure I've posted about this before, but how in the world do some people drive on a daily basis without killing themselves and/or someone else with them.

Just this morning, I had two run ins that just ticked me off. The first was a fairly large truck (Chevy 2500) pulling what I believe to be a toe behind cement mixer. We were crusing down a three lane interstate where the right lane is a designated exit to Memphis, the other two head to downtown little rock. Apparently, although this truck was in the far right lane, and passed multiple signs stating the purpose of the lane, he decided after the fact that he wanted to go to little rock. Instead of turning on his blinker and attempting to merge...this moron decided to continue to cruise down the shoulder until he could get over. This of cours forced the minivan in the lane next to him to slam on the brakes and I can only imagine force a chain reaction in traffic.

That would be bad enough in itself, but once we got on I-40 in front of the big church, there are four lanes. Our traffic takes up the right two lanes which continue on to Conway, and the left two lanes continue to little rock. There is about a stretch of 1 mile where you can switch lanes and get in the correct position. This truck decided to whip over into the right middle lane and stop....that's right STOP on the interstate until he could move over to the left lane headed to little rock. After I whipped past him, I was able to merge into the left lane with no problems and I had no impact on the flow of traffic. Seriously, this guy by himself started what I can only imagine was a traffic jam that could have been felt for at least a mile behind him.

Later in the same drive, maybe 5 minutes later, we got to a section of interstate that always speeds up after crawling for quite some distance. At this point, the right lane typically exits the interstate, the middle lane moves at roughly 40-50 miles an hour, and the left lane jumps to 60-65. This morning, the lady in front of me felt that it was necessary to move from the fast moving left lane to the middle lane. There were no vehicles present in front of her or beside her. However, she felt it necessary to reduce her speed by roughly ten miles an hour before switching lanes...sans turning signal as well. Why she thought it necessary to use her brakes to change lanes, I have no idea, but this isn't the first time I've seen this happen. In fact, it happens far too often. If she had used her turn signal, I might have cut her some slack as I would have assumed she was driving very cautiously. The fact that she did not properly change lanes leads me to believe she is just a bad driver.

Last on this rant, I was driving to church sunday morning, going down a two lane stretch of interstate. I was in the fast lane, going fast and a car was in front of me, not going as fast. They began moving over to the right lane which I was very pleased to see. The problem is they stopped halfway and came back into the left lane. Not long after, a lane opened up to the left so I honked, sped up and past on the left. I quickly noticed it was an old lady (I can't wait for the comments I get on this) and I said to my wife, "I don't care if it's an old lady, that is inexcusable". And I stand by that statement. If you can't maintain a steady speed, you should at least be able to drive straight. Later on that same drive, I was attempting to check something on my phone and I crossed one of the lane markings. My wife looked at me and said "That's inexcusable...what are you going to do?". I responded that I recognized that I was driving poorly and that I deserved to be honked at if anyone had been around.

See, I recognize these things, I take things that I deserve. If I'm driving slow in the fast lane for some reason and someone honks at me, I'll move and acknowledge in a graceful way. I make mistakes while driving, I know this. But, I also don't mind being reminded that I screwed up. This is the same reason that I let others know when they are driving like morons. If no one tells them, how are they going to learn?

I think this post got a little confusing, but that's ok. People have been asking for posts, so I have provided. Since most of my "posting material" has been going through twitter, I think I'll start tweeting, and then expounding here on my website. We'll see how that works out. And if you don't understand most of the above post, just know that I'm a better driver than 99% of the people out there, and I like to let people know that.


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8/17/09 - I have no excuses

I haven't been motivated. Nothing exciting has been going on in my life. I had a trip to Nashville, we played softball, we lost, we came home. Other than that, I work, come home, mow some nights, play with Makenna, put her to bed, then play video games before going to bed. Weekends haven't even been that exciting. Sleep in on Saturday, wake up, maybe run an errand or two, mow if I need to, watch tv, then play video games before going to bed. Sundays have been wake up, go to church, come home and lay around watching TV, then play video games before going to bed. Oh, and mow if I need to.

If anything happens, you guys will be the first to know, but until then, I've got nothing. In fact, I can't really think of any bad customer service stories that are worth sharing, or any other random rants that cross my mind for that matter.

Getting old is apparently pretty boring.


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