7/20/09 - Best Day Ever

Saturday was easily in the top 5 list of the best days of my life. I couldn't tell you what the other 4 are, but that is beside the point.

First of all, before my wife switched jobs and shifts, I was respnosible for Makenna every weekend. Cristi worked nights, so during the day, she would sleep and Makenna and I would do what we wanted. Of course, this was several months ago, so Makenna really only wanted to roll around, cry and poop.

This past weekend, my wife had to work her weekend and I had managed to schedule all my yards so that I would not be mowing at all. I was really looking forward to what the day would bring, but I had no idea how good things would actually turn out.

It all started when my wonderful daughter woke up at 7:00 in the morning. Normally, this wouldn't be too bad, but considering I was up until 3:00 in the morning, I was not very happy. But, she came through and wound up sleeping in bed with me for another 2 hours. At that point, we got out of bed and I fixed her some eggs for breakfast.

After breakfast, we put on our swimsuits and headed out to the pool. Unfortunately, Arkansas was hit with what I believe to be record lows so the pool was not nearly as warm as I would have liked so we only stayed out there for about 30 minutes. That was plenty of time though because we then came in, I gave her a quick bath and she took a nap for about 2 hours. During that time period, I was able to get a few things done around the house and still lay out by the pool and get a quick nap myself.

When she woke up, we had lunch and then I got her all dressed up and we headed out to run some errands. This is always fun for me because she is so well behaved for me. She very rarely ever fusses and always acts like a perfect angel. We had three stops: Kohl's, Home Depot and Wal-mart. She was the star attraction at all three places. Everyone we passed commented on how cute she was, how well she was behaving and so on and so forth. Needless to say, I was a very, very proud dad.

After our last errand, I thought it would be fun to stop by and get some ice cream. So we stopped by Sonic (happy hour RULES!!!) and got a cup of ice cream and something to drink. She was SUCH a big girl and normally she would want to run around, but while we were waiting for our order and then when it got there, all she wanted to do was sit in the seat right next to me. She LOVED the ice cream and I can only assume she really enjoyed that little trip.

When we got home, the day continued being good as we played in the floor for a little while until it was time to start fixing dinner. While I was getting food together, she just walked around carrying stuff (her favorite game in the world). Every once in a while as I would finish a phase of the meal, she would come by and help me sample to make sure it tasted okay. By the time it was in the oven, she kept running up to the oven wanting to look in and see how it looked.

I had timed it perfect so when Cristi walked in the front door, the timer went off and pulled out dinner. We ate the enchiladas as a family, gave Makenna a bath and put her to bed. Usually when I carry her to bed, she is just about out cold so she is like a wet noodle. However, that night, the entire way to her bed, she just rubbed the back of my neck. I can't express that feeling in words. I read it as her way of saying, "Thanks dad, I had so much fun today."

Nothing special happened, I recognize that. There were no earth changing events, we didn't cure cancer and we didn't bring about world peace. But I got to spend all day with my daughter, and we had a ton of fun. As much as I love having weekends with our whole family, I look forward to more days of just Makenna and me, especially if they can work out half as good as Saturday.


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7/2/09 - People amaze me.

As I've mentioned before, I play a great deal of Gears of War 2. Primarily, I play online with people all over the world. I am amazed at several things when playing. Primarily, the language that people use when the assume they are anonymous, would make sailors blush and you better believe it would never be considered "politically correct". I typically take my headphones off so I don't have to hear the mess, but last night seemed pretty mellow, so I stayed in. It was during about a 5 minute span that I received these following gems.

Let me begin by saying that the people that I was "talking" with were 11 and 12 years old. First, who lets their children play an "NC-17" rated video game. Second, who let's them play at 2:00 in the morning. Third, how in the world would you let your child use that type of language.

So, the first conversation started by finding out that the 11 year old lives in Canada. The 12 year old then asks if they celebrate July 4th on July 1st since he had heard fireworks going off through the mic. They then began to argue when Canada celebrated the fourth of July. That's right...the holiday of July 4th...the one that celebrates the independence of the United States. I had to step in after a about a minute of arguing to inform them that Canada had no reason to celebrate July 4th. Besides that, I would think that the 4th of July would be celebrated on....oh, I don't know...July 4th....morons...

Later on, the 11 year old once again quoted a movie line, he said "Get to the Choppa...". The 12 year old started repeating it as well and eventually asked why he was saying it. The 11 year old said that he just thought it was cool, and that it was a quote from Family Guy. Once again, I had to step in and correct and explain that it was from an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. I wasn't sure at the time, but now know that it was from Predator. They were silent after that...for a while...

A few moments later, the 11 year old stated that he remembered that it was from a movie but he had more recently seen it on Family Guy, he said the line must have been from Rambo or something like that...yea...Rambo...remember when Arnold was in Rambo? Great movie...EXCEPT IT NEVER HAPPENED. I had to explain that Arnold was not in Rambo, and I'm pretty sure that Sylvester Stallone never said "Get to the Choppa" in any of the Rambo movies.

Granted, as I'm writing this, I can attribute the movie quote fiasco to me being quite a bit older than these kids, but the Independence Day issue is inexcusable. I'm pretty sure you start learning history as early as 3rd grade or so. Even earlier I would think considering that it is a primary subject in school. Whatever the case, you've got to know this type of stuff.


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