6/30/09 - One thing after another

Last week, I was at church camp, had a great time, no real great stories to share, although we had a great time turning an old hotel (close to 100 years old) into a haunted house in about 15 minutes. The results were great. I did get a great tan, good times with friends, and helped mold the lives of 200 children...that is a scary thought.

Got back on Saturday...I was too tired to do anything, but it was really nice to see my wife and daughter again.

Sunday I had 6 yards to mow since I took Saturday off. The first yard was fine, the 2nd yard was horrible. I nearly knocked myself out when a tree limb got caught on my mower and flipped back into my skull. No more than 2 minutes later, I pinned my foot between my stand-on and the mower. This left me screaming in anger more than anything, but also put a pretty good gash in my ankle that bled all over my sock and shoe. Cristi later said it looked like I might have gone into some of the muscle with the cut. After mowing, on the way back to the trailer, I got a flat tire.

This flat was not going to be fixed by me as I didn't have the parts or equipment. I figured Monday afternoon I could get it fixed no problem. I could not have been more wrong. Since I was without the big mower, I had to push mow three of my lawns Sunday afternoon.

Monday afternoon I started calling around to make sure they would fix a lawn mower tire. I talked to 3 shops and they all said that they did not work with small tires. One of the shops was actually my favorite outdoor equipment shop. The other call I made was to a company that has apparently now closed. At that point, I figured I would change it myself so I bought the replacement tube at TSC. Got home, tried to change it and realized that the tire was on the rim pretty tight.

Monday night I push mowed my two largest yards with a push mower. This morning, I asked my dad to call around until he could find someone who could do it. The only place he could find was a little joint called Discount Tire where a friend of mine works. In fact, I think the only reason that that shop did the work is because my friend worked there.

I couldn't believe that you can't find a tire shop that will change a friggin mower tire. I've still got 7 yards to go in the next three days, so I'm very thankful that my dad was able to get it taken care of. I don't know what I would have done if I had to push mow all my yards this week.


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