5/16/09 - My first trip to a Disney park

Well as some know, I spent the last week or so in Florida. It was my mother-in-law's 50th birthday party, so we went down to celebrate with her. Of course, the party was only one night, so we decided to turn it into our summer vacation. The plan was originally to get to Tampa Bay around noon on Friday and drive straight to Clearwater. On Sunday night, Cristi and I would drive to Orlando (leaving Makenna with Cristi's mom in Clearwater) and go to three different parks in the next three days. We would then return to Clearwater for one evening and fly back home on Thursday.

Unfortunately, Cristi's mom got really sick about a month ago and wound up having to have emergency surgery. This turned out to actually be a blessing in many ways. First, her mom has had almost persistent medical problems for as long as I have known her (over 10 years), and the surgery may very well have fixed most of it. Second, this gave us the idea to have Makenna and her travel with us to Orlando so we could see our baby at nights, but still have a babysitter during the day.

That worked out well, but then we had a problem with getting back to Clearwater as they would have to check out early on Thursday with no place to go. That set us back to only 2 days at parks, which I was not too upset about...yet.

So, everything worked out well in Clearwater for the most part. Spent pretty much the entire time by the pool, in the pool or within view of the pool. we never made it to the beach which is awesome because sand pisses me off. The only downside is that I think i got dehydrated Saturday and puked in the middle of the night. The bed also wasn't all that comfortable, so I didn't sleep great. I would still trade that for the lack of responsibilities I had those two days.

We made it to Orlando and checked into our hotel only to find out that it was FRIGGIN' SWEET!!! It was a one bedroom suite with a fully stocked kitchen, living room, dining room and bedroom. The sectional sofa seated 6 comfortably and pulled out into a bed. The television was what appeared to be an old style projection big screen, around 40" or so...if not larger. the bathroom had a jacuzzi tub that seated 4 comfortable (I know this because there were actually four "seats" in it), a large stand up shower, dual sinks, a toilet, and of course, what fancy bathroom would be completed without a bidet. The balcony had another dining table and a lounge chair with a partial view of the nearby lake. I should also mention it was within 10 minutes of both the Disney parks and Universal. (oh yeah...since it was cristi's mom's timeshare, we got all of it for a total of $130, and yes, that is for all 3 nights).

So Monday we decided to go to Universal as we had heard lots of good things about it. We were not disappointed, but I'll have another post for that later. We had a great day which wound up including two parks instead of just one, and were looking forward to another day of the parks on Tuesday.

That is until makenna started vomiting at 11:00 that night as we were trying to sleep (theme parks will wear you out). She threw up multiple times over the course of the next 5 hours which prevented either of us from getting any real sleep. Lack of sleep plus a sick baby meant that there would be no park for us on Tuesday. Now, flash back in this post where I said that I was okay with only having two days to see parks, now I was upset about the fact that once again I would not make it to a Disney park.

Flashback - When I was roughly 10 years old, my parents made a deal with me that they would take me to Disney World when I was 13 years old. I was pleased with this and reminded them on a fairly regular basis. When I turned 13, I do not know all the details, but I know there was a large family financial crisis that zapped pretty much all of my parent's money. This meant no trip to Disney World. i still do not remember why we did not reschedule for the next year, or the year after, but whatever the case, I never made it.

About 5 years ago, just before Cristi and I got married, my parents had another opportunity to go to Orlando for the parks with my brothers, but unfortunately, I was unable to go. I don't remember why, but it was probably due to work and lack of vacation time.

Needless to say, you hopefully can see why I was so upset. Since I was about 10 years old (about 18 years ago), I've wanted to make it to these parks, if for no other reason, just to say I've been there.

With that out of the way, and several arguments with my wife, a couple of hours of pouting and moping and several phone calls, it was decided that we would stay one more night in Orlando, skip our return trip to the beach and go to a theme park on Wednesday.

My choice was Hollywood Studios (previously known as MGM). It seemed to have the type of things I was most looking for in a theme park, and it was a Disney park. I was pleased to have finally made it to a Disney Park and can now say I have been to one. I'd still like to go back and do Epcot and Magic Kingdom, but I'm pretty sure I can wait until makenna gets a little older so I can be sure she has chance to see the parks before she is nearing her 30th birthday.

The rest of the trip was pretty cool as we woke up Thursday and spent a few minutes at the pool before we packed up, made a quick stop at the Outlet mall, ate dinner at International Plaza and flew home. Of course, anyone following me on twitter knows that adventure we had coming home was quite the blood boiler.

I've already got 4 other blog posts I'd like to write about. Our trip to the Universal Parks, the Hollywood Studios day, the return flight story and more recently, my run in with a horrible driver in a McDonald's parking lot.

For the record, Makenna is still a little sick, but doing much better from just a day or two ago. At this point, she is mainly just sleepy and doesn't really have much energy to play like her normal self.


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I love Disney World. Chris and I went for our honeymoon. I can't wait to be able to take Nash but I want to wait until he is old enough to enjoy. The good news about your trip is the park you went to would probably be your favorite anyways but they are all fun. I am extremely jealous of your awesome room and more awesome price. Chris and I got a horrible room with a handicap bathroom but of course it was our honeymoon so we were just happy to be there.

By Blogger sdhorton, at May 17, 2009 at 9:27 AM  

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