5/27/09 - The McDonald's parker

I had planned on making a fancy map for this post to explain my frustrations, but I'm too lazy, and you guys deserve a new post.

Every once in a while I like to eat at McDonald's. 2 McDouble's, a small fry and a small glass for some water, that is my order. Anyways, the closest McDonald's to my office is always busy and when they built it, they either didn't think to purchase more land or they just have bad designers. Whatever the case, the drive through at lunch time backs up to 15 and 20 cars deep. This normally isn't a problem since I almost always go inside to eat. However, at this location, the drive through lane and the "lane you drive in to park your car" lane are the exact same thing. So when the drive through gets backed up far enough, you have to wait for the drive through queue to get smaller before you can get out of the parking lot.

This particular day I had been in a bad mood the whole time. In one of my next posts which details our trip back home from Florida, you will see why I was not in the best of spirits. As I was pulling into the lot, I noticed an empty spot I could access before the drive-thru line got in my way. This of course, was before one of the people in the drive-thru decided to throw it in reverse to get in that spot. Now, I would have been okay with that if that is where it ended.

While doing this, another vehicle is backing out of the spot right next to the currently open spot. This forces the drive-thru car, we will call her "broke-down minivan" to back up even further, which in turn prevents me from getting into the parking lot, causing backups in the street which in turn causes backups on Markham. Now, I'm a little upset because there was no need for it to be this complicated.

Then things get worse. Now that there were two open spots, she pulled in to the one furthest away from us against a curb. When she does this, she does not quite get all of her wheels into the spot and has the right side of her vehicle hanging out in the other open spot. If I were in the car, I would not have had as much of an argument, but I was in the Tahoe and therefore it was a VERY tight squeeze to get in there. Before pulling into the spot though, I waited for a moment thinking this "broke-down minivan" would correct her parking...she did not.

I had to pull in and back up a couple times to get in my spot the best I could and then I was able to squeeze out the driver side door to go in and get my meal. During this whole deal, I still haven't seen the other driver get out of their car and go inside. As I walk around the end of the "broke-down minivan" I see her just standing outside the vehicle. I decided she should know how bad of a driver she was so the following conversation took place:

Me: "Are you really going to leave your van like that?"
Bad Driver: "Naww...i was gunna fix it."
Me: "No you weren't, you aren't even in your car, you were just going to leave it."
Bad Driver: "I was talkin' to my grandmother."
Me: "Whatever, it doesn't even matter."....PUNCH TO THE FACE!!!!

Okay, so I didn't punch her in the face, but she at least needed a quick jab to the kidney. After that I just walked in because I knew I was dealing with someone with whom no intelligent conversation could be held. As I walked away, I did hear her say that she was now just going to leave it, which didn't matter to me because I was about to go eat some wonderful McD's food.

When I got done eating my tasty hamburgers, I was hoping to still see the van there to find out if she did actually move it or not, but they had already left. I made sure to check the side of my truck for dents, dings and other problems (slashed tires, broken glass) but there was nothing. This means that either her grandmother never got out of the van or when she got out of the van, she was much slimmer than the 250 pounds she appeared to be while sitting in the van.

This is the first time I have actually approached a bad driver, and I'm sure it won't be my last. I typically like to leave notes on people's windows if they don't have the mental capacity to properly park a vehicle, so actually talking to someone about it is a step in the right direction.

Although, some of my notes are quite enjoyable to write, I just wish I could see the people's reactions when they read them.


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