4/18/09 - For one of my favorite people in the world

As I mentioned in a previous post, for Makenna's birthday, Amy sent her a package all the way from Australia. From the time she opened the card until Cristi put all of her birthday cards away, Makenna carried it around. Not to mention the cute purple giraffe has been in her rotation of favorite toys.

I've been meaning to get some video footage of her actually playing with it, but have simply been either too busy or lazy to get it done (you can be the judge). With that said, we finally got some video of her in a good playful mood where she wasn't just trying to get to the camera the whole time. Here is that video, although this is a video directly straight at my favorite aussie of all time, I'm sure others can enjoy just how cute my daughter is.


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Yay!!! So glad I finally got to see a vid!

Well, I'm glad she likes it! I called Che over just now to watch it.

Thanks guys :)

By Blogger babibootiful, at April 19, 2009 at 3:09 AM  

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