3/8/09 - March Madness 2009 is almost here.

March Madness is almost here. I didn't run the pool last year due to the birth of a child. This year, there was no way I was going to miss two years in a row. As in years past, my time is stretched pretty thin. I'll do my best to collect all the brackets and money before the first tip-off (not including the play-in game), but some might be collected Thursday evening. We will have to run on the honor system, and those that I anticipate receiving that evening, are very honorable people. If you have any issues with this, leave your concerns in the comments section. I will also accept brackets via snail mail postmarked by Wednesday. This is actually the preferred method of receiving brackets as it requires no effort on my part.

I'll put my address, phone number and email address at the end of this section, and once the bracket's are finalized, I'll put a link to a printable version. All you will need to do is print out the bracket, fill it out, put the bracket and either cash or check for your entry fee (still only $5 a bracket) in an envelope and send it to me.

Daily updates (daily as in game day) will be made on this website with the most up to date scores. I will not longer be doing daily emails, you'll just have to check back here to see who's winning (or how bad your are doing).

Contact Information
DJ Walker
148 Feldspar Drive
Sherwood, AR 72120

  1. A completed bracket should contain the following information:
    • A prediction for all 63 games of the tournament (the play in game does not count)
    • The entrants name, phone number, email and tiebreak point prediction. The contact information is only used for payouts. Don't worry about spam, I hate it as much as you do.
  2. To be eligible for the pool money, an entry fee of $5.00 is required.
    • This fee must be received before tip off of the first game on Thursday (exceptions do apply as explained at the beginning of this post) or in an envelope postmarked by Wednesday before the first game.
    • Other brackets are readily accepted, however if the fee is received after the tipoff, no prize money will be rewards to the entry.
    • All brackets received will be listed among the leaders and prize money eligibility will be denoted. I have found it interesting to see how individuals do, regardless of their interest in college basketball or pools.
  3. Multiple brackets can be entered per person.
    • Each individual can have no more than 4 brackets eligible for prize money.
    • For every bracket entered, the entry fee is required in order to be eligible. If only a portion of entered brackets should be eligible, I have to be informed before the first game, otherwise, I will denote the eligible brackets based on the order I enter them in the system.
  4. Prize disbursement will be determined as follows:
    • 1st Place receives 60% of the final pool rounded up to the nearest whole dollar.
    • 2nd Place receives 30% of the final pool rounded up to the nearest whole dollar.
    • 3rd Place receives 10% of the final pool rounded off to complete the total prize pool.
  5. Points will be awarded for winning picks as follows:
    • By picking the winner of a 1st round game, 1 point is awarded.
    • By picking the winner of a 2nd round game (correctly placing a team in the Sweet 16), 2 points are awarded.
    • By picking the winner of a Sweet 16 game (correctly placing a team in the Elite 8), 3 points are awarded.
    • By picking the winner of an Elite 8 game (correclty placing a team in the Final Four), 4 points are awarded.
    • By picking the winner of a Final Four game (correclty placing a team in the Championship game), 5 points are awarded.
    • By picking the winner of the Championship game (correctly predicting the NCAA National Champion), 6 points are awarded.
  6. Tie Breaker
    • In the case of a tie at the end of the tournament, a tiebreak will be determined by the entry correclty guessing the TOTAL number of points scored by both teams in the Championship game.
    • If a tiebreaker is not provided at the time of bracket submission, a default tie breaker of 0 will be used.
    • The winning entry with the closest prediction to the actual total (whether going over or not) will receive the winning prize money.
    • In the case that none of the "Winners" submit a tiebreak predictions (or if the predictions are the same), the prize money will be split between the winners. If Entry A and B both have 99 points after the championship game, and both failed to submit tiebreak points, they will split the prize money of 1st and 2nd place, each will receive 45% of the final pool.


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