3/10/09 - Dish...the saga continues

The last update on this deal was on 2/20/09. I don't remember what has gone on since then, but I'll summarize the last few conversations I've had with them. First, the $300 has been put back on my credit card. I called and told them to add $60 of credits to my account and they said they would, I believed them. They said that I would be charged only $40, instead of the $120 that was showing up on my bill, I believe them. I got my credit card statement and it was billed $120 so I called them about it. They said that everything had been addressed, that all my credits were showing up correctly, I believed them...both of them...both people told me I would not be billed this next statement...I friggin' believed them.

So today...I got my bill, guess what....$230...that's right TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY DOLLARS!!!! I immediately checked to see what they had done. I was amazed that they were right, all my credits showed up correctly. $10 credit for my troubles, $20 credit for my premium packages, $29 credit for the service call charge, $30 credit for the taxes I had been incorrectly charged. You would think that would have put my account into a credit state...but you would be wrong, because strangely enough, there was a $300 credit, that for some reason was showing up as a charge. Yes...another $300 charge that I am going to have to get taken care of.

At this point, I'm so close to getting it completed, I am going to stick with Dish, but you better believe I'm going to be requesting another credit of some sort. I might request that my premium channels be extended free for several more months, I might ask for another 5 $10 credits...I don't know at this point, but I'll try to get something else out of this.

It has almost become a game to me. I know that I'm in the driver's seat because I've logged all my calls, I've made sure what the charges should be, and I haven't requested anything above and beyond what I have felt I was due. I'll let everyone know how things go after my call tomorrow.


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That is why I download the shows I want to watch.

By Blogger Ryan, at March 11, 2009 at 12:33 AM  

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