3/20/09 - Day 2: Brackets have been busted

Day 2: it's 11:30 at night, and I am dedicated enough to get an update out already. The last game just ended moments ago, and wow....this is why I love March.

Here is the most up to date list. There is still at least one bracket I'm waiting to receive. It was entered in at ESPN, so there is no way it has been modified since then. I have already been paid the money, I just don't have the bracket. I'll do an audit tomorrow to see who still owes me money, and to verify I have all the brackets entered. Once I get the links working correctly, PLEASE review your bracket and make sure you agree with what has been entered.

If my numbers are correct, we have 29 entries eligible for prize money this year. For the first time in 8 years, I have given myself a free bracket. If you disagree with this decision, let me know, I'll reconsider. I have also given Jason a free bracket this year as he is going to be donating a plaque to be displayed at my home year round showcasing the top 3 places of each year dating back to the 2003 pool. Due to this contribution, his entry fee was waived. This leaves 27 paying entries at $5 a piece for a total prize pool of $135. Disbursement will be $81 for first place, $41 for second place, and $13 for third place. This is subject to change as I have to verify my counts and accounting.

If you do not see a Tiebreak next to your name, please let me know either via email (GravyTrain6@gmail.com) or leave a comment down below.

DJ Walker26128
Greg Walker25168
Chris Horton250
Ryan Casey25150
Randy Spellins25150
Phillip Walker**250
Jared Selby25174
Cristi Walker240
Drew Webb24156
Blake Bumgardner24165
Wes May-hem240
Josh Joyner240
Geoff Owens 1240
Kyle Garner24176
Mike Bumgardner24143
Tim Shelton24153
Dan Vargas24105
Derrick Lewis230
Brian Shaddock23140
Jessica Bumgardner23153
Kyle Raible23150
Donna Bumgardner22165
Kylah VanHorn22118
Shannon Horton220
Jason Harmon220
Geoff Owens 2210
Stephen Shirley21155
Keith Tarter20168


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