3/20/09 - Day 1: March Madness has started

I apologize for the late update. I didn't get a majority (see: all but 4) of the brackets until last night at about 10:00. I did not get them entered and so had to spend my lunch getting them entered. After lunch, I had to get some work done and so am just now getting the update of the first day's games up.

The links don't work, I don't have access to my ftp right now (at least, I can't remember my password. I've got it at home, so I'll get the links working tonight.

Kyle Garner15176
Blake Bumgardner15165
Mike Bumgardner15143
Geoff Owens 2140
Geoff Owens 1140
Josh Joyner140
Drew Webb14156
Greg Walker14168
Derrick Lewis140
Ryan Casey14150
Cristi Walker140
Chris Horton140
Tim Shelton14153
DJ Walker14128
Jessica Bumgardner13153
Dan Vargas13105
Jared Selby13174
Wes May-hem130
Kylah VanHorn13118
Randy Spellins13150
Shannon Horton130
Kyle Raible12150
Brian Shaddock12140
Jason Harmon120
Keith Tarter11168
Stephen Shirley11155
Donna Bumgardner10165


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