2/25/09 - Resolution Update

1) Working out...forget about it. I see no signs of this picking up. I've had zero motivation to do anything. I ran a week or so ago, but haven't done anything "exercise" related in nearly a month. I want to, I am simply not taking the initiative to get something going.

2) Getting up better. Well, I consistently get to work by 9:00, but my goal was to get to work closer to 8:00 or early. This has failed. The prime culprit is playing Gears of War 2 every single night until 1 and 2 in the morning. I could easily turn this around, but for now, Gears of War is a lot of fun.

3) Eating better. I am still eating better now than where I ended 2008. The last week or so I have basically stopped my diet, I have simply made sure to limit my meals and intake per meal. Then of course there is the most recent dessert I am experimenting with. Let's just say that it will probably be featured on ThisIsWhyYoureFat.com once I'm finished with it. (Thanks Ryan for posting that link on your blog). I will say though that although my intake has changed from my initial diet, I have maintained the weight after a 10 pound loss. I'm holding steady at around 163-164 pounds (about 74 kilos for those people reading in countries advanced enough to use the metric system).

4) Grass Guys. This is still a little slow going. I made an effort to get a few commercial accounts under contract and that went horribly. I went to probably 20 different businesses. I only gave 2 quotes and I have not heard back from either. I left my card with probably 5 places, no calls from them. Most of the others required a call to their corporate headquarters which meant that I would probably be bidding on all of their local places of business which most will be outside of my mowing radius. Since then, I have not done any real work. I will start passing out door hangers pretty soon which will keep me busy most nights. I think in the years past I have started doing that around spring break. I've actually already gotten two door hangers this year, but I think it is still way too early. Most people aren't even thinking about lawn care this early in the season. After my horrible experience with the commercial arena, I'm pretty discouraged and think I'll just continue with residential this season and try to build up a strong customer base. This will also mean that I won't HAVE to get insurance. If my customer base gets large enough though, I will get it. With no real commercial, it won't be a requirement though.

So there ya go. I have basically failed on all fronts with the exception of Grass Guys which I just haven't had the ability to really work on it too much.


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that's why i don't make resolutions. i don't like the disappointment of not accomplishing them.

By Blogger sdhorton, at February 25, 2009 at 8:46 PM  

No wonder I haven't seen you in Gears of War 2 yet...I haven't been on that late in a long time. I did see you on tonight, but we were just finishing up a long run and I didn't want to get started on another one.

Good luck with your other resolutions though. You know the secret to exercising regularly? Exercising. =)

By Blogger Elizabeth, at February 25, 2009 at 10:24 PM  

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