2/18/09 - I'm all hyped up on Mountain Dew

I'll have a better update in the next couple of days, in fact, I'll have two scheduled over the next couple of days to update on the resolutions, as well as some info on Makenna.

For now, I wanted to mention the effects of caffeine. I went without caffeine since I started the diet about a month ago or so. I went cold turkey. I had very little chocolate, no cokes or other soft drinks, and I had coffee maybe once (black, no sugar or creamer). Over the weekend, I was very very tired and had to drive to Greenbrier kind of late at night, so I went ahead and got my favorite energy drink Monster Khaos. I really didn't feel the effects too much, possibly because my sleepiness was beyond what caffeine could impact.

This morning, I was pretty tired, so I thought I would drop by the gas station and fill up the truck as well as get a few drinks (2/$3.00). I picked up a new (to me) flavor of Amp...Lemonade. I wasn't very hopeful, but turns out it is pretty good. The downside is that I have the jitters really bad, I can't stop bouncing my leg and sitting still is the last thing on my list of things to do. The crazy thing is, I haven't even finished the can yet. I don't plan on having the other (grape flavored) until at least tomorrow, so hopefully I won't go into cardiac arrest.

In the immortal words of Rick James (slight modified for my pupose): "Caffeine's a helluva drug"


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We need video.

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