2/20/09 - Dish...resolved?

I made call number 5 on Wednesday which I expected to be fairly painless. After finally receiving the $300 credit nearly a month after it was first charged, I was out to finish things off.

Appparently, Dish has a department by the name of ERT. I believe it stands for something like Executive Reimbursement Team or something like that. Basically, there reason for existence is to refund customers money for stuff they shouldn't have paid. I take this to mean that I'm not the only customer who has had a very similar situation.

The problem with this department is that they only reimburse for actuall monetary losses, and to make matters worse, they don't cover interest charges on credit cards (although apparently they might make an exception for me). We pay off our credit cards, so there was no reason for me to talk to these people.

I still felt that I was owed some sort of compensation considering I got the $40 in credits and the "free" HBO and Starz on only my 2nd call trying to get this taken care of. This being call number 5, I felt that $20 a phone call was reasonable since that was apparently the going rate. With this in mind, I was going to get another $60.

When I spoke with "Harry", at least that is what he claimed his name was. I immediately went in to a complete recap of my last month of phone calls, account checks, so on and so forth. When I finished, I flat out said "What I want you to do, is add 6 months of $10 credits to my account". After a slight hesitation, he simply said "OK". I didn't really believe what I was hearing, so I specified that this would be on top of the other credits I was already recieving for a total of 10 credits of $10. He said that he could only add 6, but then I reiterated that this would be on top of the other credits already on...and he again responded with a postive answer.

Now, I like to think the best of people, even after I've been round and round with these people, so I am going to assume that Harry actually added this to my account. I will wait for my next bill to see if the original credits were added correctly, and assuming they were, February, March, April and May will include the original $10 credits, and April through whatever will have the next 6 credits. Of course, what would be even better in my book is if the next four months have a $20 credit, and so on.

Whatever the case, I'm currently satisfied with the results of everything. I would have preferred to not have gone through all this, but I think the compensation is sufficient.

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