2/13/09 - Dish...again...almost there.

Yesterday I made the dreaded call to Dish to hopefully get things straightened out. I was very pleased to speak with a gentleman by the name of Pat. I can honestly say that after getting off the phone, my blood pressure was lower than when I started, which is the complete opposite of my last handful of calls.

I told him why I was calling, which was to discuss my bill. I explained that the $300 would be addressed the next day if I did not get the resolution I was expecting. He voluntarily explained to me that it did appear on my account that it was being processed as expected. This pleased me although he did explain it would probably be three to 5 days before my credit card company recognized the credit. (Side rant at the bottom of this post). More on this in a moment. When I started explaining my problems, he was more than patient with me and offered to explain one by one.

The service fee was removed with no hassle whatsoever. I truly believe I could have just said that I didn't want to pay it and he would have removed it. The part that was the most confusing to me was the multiple line items for multiple premium packages pro-rated on different dates. He too was completely confused by them, but tried to explain the best he could. The point is, he genuinly tried and didn't try to make something up. When I mentioned that I was not receiving my $10 credit as promised, he asked to put me on hold, came back and explained that it had been applied to my account, but wasn't showing up on my bill. I said that his comment made no sense, but we would move on for the time being. The next question was in regards to the taxes. He explained that when the credit was truly applied, the taxes would also be removed and my account would display this.

So, after he made a few modifications to my account and bill, I asked him what I could expect to be applied to my credit card (automatic bill pay) on the 28th of this month. He said that he couldn't give me an accurate figure because the taxes might be different but that the best he could tell it would be around $47. I was very satisfied to hear him through out a number that I had basically calculated before making this phone call.

Back to the $300 charge, today, I got a phone call from Dish, an automated system. They informed me that my refund had been processed. That's great, I'm glad that happened, but the bad part is, it is 24 hours too late. I was told 2 days, and after this much trouble, I'm holding them to that. Because of this, and more thoughts I had, I will be making a call to a different department, probably on Monday to request more monetary compensation for the my trouble. On top of that, it just so happened that my credit card billing cycle starts and ends on the 15th. If I did not have the money to cover this charge, that $300 would sit on my account, and accumulate interest to the tune of 13% (we pay our credit card bill off every month, so this percentage rate does not bother me). Because of this, I feel that I am entitled to at least $40, plus compensation for the more recent calls I've had to make, as well as to make up for the poor attempt at appeasment by offering a programming package that was offered to all customers (I believe I've mentioned my frustrations in previous posts with offering new customers one deal, and not providing the same, or comparable deal to current customers).

*Footnote from above - why do companies say things take 3-5 business days, or 5-7 busienss days. That's a bunch of crap. We live in a world where technology rules. Computers and networks are advanced enough to do millions and millions of calculations and transfers in seconds. I also know for a fact that this mega corporations spend millions a year on technology infrastructure and software. It is more cost effective to have stable software as opposed to the possiblity of manual calculation errors when it comes to bills and financial transactions. At the end of the day, I could understand 1 business day. The first day, the customer rep would have to process a form (probably electronic) which was sent to the accounting department or some other similar department for approval. Upon approval, that would be immediately queued up for that evenings processing. Upon processing, the bank or credit card system was be alerted of the debit/credit immediately thanks to the use of ACH. This is a technology that I have worked with personally and it is awesome. So...don't give me this crap about how a credit/debit will take 3-5 days, much less the 61-90 as promised by the first lady I spoke with. Oh, and don't get me started on rebates...

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good job, this should stop them being...DISHONEST...in the future.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at February 17, 2009 at 4:27 PM  

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