1/7/09 - Sidekick....RIP

Yesterday, my parent's made the very difficult decision to put our dog to sleep. Although I no longer live there, he is still partly my dog. It was the right decision. Over the last month, maybe longer, he has been dealing with kidney disease. Add that to his life long struggle of bad knees and leg tendons, and he was really ready to go. He had lost possibly as much as 25% of his body weight, and seemingly a majority of his body mass. He was 13 years old in human years making him roughly 91 in dog years.

When my dad went to pick him up to take him to the vet, he didn't object at all. This is not his normal reaction, as typically he liked to show his teeth if he didn't like what you were doing to him, which was usually any time you made him go in a direction he didn't feel like going. That behavior tells me that he knew it was time.

I can't even begin to retell all of the stories that he and I shared together. I would get in the middle of the floor with him and wrestle to the point of him barking, growling, showing teeth, "biting" my arms (which included him simply opening his mouth and putting it on my arm, no harm was ever done), and so on. Others did this, but I was the only one who could turn off his playtime with a single command, and then start it back up in an instance. Without a doubt, that is my fondest memory of him.

He will be missed, but I have too many extremely good memories to truly feel sad about the whole situation. It was the right thing to do at the right time.


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I heard the news. It is good that he is not hurting but it is hard to lose your pet. He's like part of the family. I am sorry to hear it. I know we wish they could live forever. Sadie is almost 12 and it scares me to even think about it. My heart goes out to you and your family.

By Blogger sdhorton, at January 7, 2009 at 8:28 AM  

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