1/11/09 - Got in one of my Christmas presents

I am a huge fan of the Food Network. I never got it when we were living in Conway as it as never part of the base package. In fact, I don't think I had ever watched the channel until we moved back in with my parents for the two months before we bought our house.

Before that, I just assumed that an entire channel about food would be about as much fun as watching Lifetime. I could not have been more wrong. Once I realized how much I enjoyed most of the shows, that is about all I watch. I flip between Food Network and ESPN, and if any company offered a package where I would only have to pay for those two channels...I would probably do it.

I have Good Eats and Unwrapped setup on the DVR. I've been known to record several other shows including Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and Iron Chef. I watch many of the competition shows (don't remember the name of it). I love Ace of Cakes, but hate the owner (Duff, I think is his name). Giada at Home, Guy's Big Bite, Emeril Live...all enjoyable shows. I don't like the Neely's or Barefoot Contessa and a few others, but for the most part, if it is on Food Network, I can watch it.

I say that to say this, since then, I have really started to enjoy cooking more. I used to love to do it and would often surprise Cristi with a "gourmet" dinner when she would get off work. Although I can follow a recipe very well, I've also been known to come up with my own recipes and experiment on previously cooked recipes to make them my own. During this time, and after watching several shows, the one thing that always impressed me was the way most of the chefs could slice, dice, mince, chop and pretty much cut through anything VERY VERY FAST.

A while back, Good Eats did a special on knives. He explained what you should get, why you should get it, how to use it, how to care for them, so on and so forth. Since then, I have had a desire to own a nice knife. We currently have two Pampered Chef's knives that work, but are far from premium quality. I started doing my research and decided that I wanted a 7" santoku chef knife. The size seemed to fit what I wanted and the shape would allow for multiple uses other than just slicing or chopping.

For Christmas, I did ask for one, but really didn't expect to get one as I specified to all who asked that I wanted a really nice knife...not something you can just pick up at Wal-mart. I actually didn't really price them until after Christmas, and quickly found out why no one got me one. Cristi's grandma from Florida hooked me up with a sizable gift card to Bed Bath and Beyond and so that is one of the places I looked. In all honesty, that is about the only place I looked, but when I saw it, I knew I had found the one.

I couldn't find just the single knife on their website, but I did find this pair. I got the larger of the two, and after my coupon and gift card, it only cost me about $20. It was out of stock when I bought it so they had to ship it to me. On the 7th of January, 2009, I received in the mail the most amazing cutting machine (well, for us in the kitchen, my lawn equipment blows this thing away when it comes to chopping and dicing) I've ever used.

I almost begged Cristi to let me make her a salad, and she was nice enough to let me. I started off by being able to shred the lettuce (she prefers Romaine) in strips that you could easily use in a cole slaw. Previously, when we cut tomato, our knifes are so dull that you have to just about squash the thing to get it to cut. One smooth motion with the knife and I was taking off perfect spaced slices. We also like to use olives in our salad, and as a joke, I was going to show how awesome by knife was by dropping an olive on it and letting gravity cut it for me. Although it only went half way through the olive, the fact that it didn't bounce right off amazed me.

So...although most people would think I'm crazy for wanting and actually purchasing a $80+ knife, now that I have it, I could not be more excited. I'm actually looking forward to the next time I get a chance to cook, because I'll be sure that whatever I pick out requires a lot of stuff to be cut up.


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