12/19/08 - When it comes to Makenna...I'm in trouble

I have another update on how fast Makenna seems to be progressing lately. While doing our stand up practice, she started falling forwards, i would catch her, make a noise and stand her back up. First of all, she thought this was hilarious. Second, after a few times of this, she realized she could move her legs and as she fell, would take one step and keep on falling. A few times, she got two or three quick leg movements in (I don't really call them true steps just yet). So that was part of the progress we made last night.

Another thing I found out is that she thinks that sneezes are hilarious. If she knew who comedians were, she would probably rank sneezing up there with Mitch Hedberg and George Carlin. About a week ago, Raider sneezed and she laughed but I wrote it off, since pretty much everything Raider does is either interesting or funny to her. Two days ago though, Cristi's mom sneezed and Makenna laughed, followed by Cristi's sneeze a little while later and she laughed again. Well, last night, I had a real sneeze that made her giggle, so I faked a sneeze and she laughed again. Well, since I think her laugh is one of the most precious noises I've ever heard, I kept "sneezing" and she kept laughing. That took about 10 minutes of our time and I wouldn't trade that time for anything.

Another piece of progress we made was that she sat up for the first time. At least, it's the first time I've ever seen her do it. She was on her stomach, she rocked around a little to her hands and knees and eventually into a sitting position. She only did it once all night, but it was exciting for me. Especially since at her doctor's appointment yesterday, as the doctor went through the list of developmental items that she should be doing, she was not able to be checked off on several of those. The doctor said that she is still in an average range, but just like any other respectable parent, I have hopes that Makenna will be above average.

So, now to the reason that I'm in trouble. When she sat up, and got me excited. It has been my practice that anytime she does something really good, I clap and in my normal voice, say "Yeah!". Well, I was truly excited about her sitting up so I guess I got a little louder than normal. No more than 2 seconds after I screamed "Yeah!" my heart was torn out of my chest, stomped on and sent through a grinder, because I scared her to death. Her arms went straight out to her side, eyes as big as saucers, mouth as wide as it would go and a shriek that no baby should ever have to make. I can not explain to you how bad I felt that I did that to her. All I could do was hug her and cry. Laugh if you want that I cried about it, but I am not someone who cries at anything (ask my wife...she's tried to get me to cry). Of course, about 5 seconds after I reached over and grabbed her and hugged her she was ready to start playing again and started patting my head and laughing. I wish my memory could be so short, because I can not get that pitiful image out of my head of her so scared. So if she can have that much of an impact on me now, I am scared to death to know how I'm going to be able to handle her when she gets olders.


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