12/3/08 - TV rocks, Makenna is awesome, and Go Owls

So far the TV has been incredible. We had Dish come out and install an upgraded receiver and dish so we could get High Def channels and I have been in love. The only downside is that because of the amount of information HighDef contains, you can only record up to 55 hours of programming before it starts deleting old stuff. Now, before you get all bent out of shape and disgusted by the amount of tv we watch, let me explain. We have a few shows that we enjoy, I'm not going to lie. For me, The Office, My Name Is Earl, CSI (Las vegas, not the knock offs), Good Eats, Monk and Lost. My wife enjoys House, NCIS, Bones, Intervention, and First 48. I might have missed a couple for her, but we both enjoy Unwrapped. Recently we had to end our relationship with Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and House Hunters because it seemed like they were pushing out more episodes than we could keep up with.

Okay, after listing that, I guess we do watch a lot of TV. Before it got replaced, our receiver had over 60 episodes of Unwrapped, 10 episodes of Good Eats, and 30 or so episodes each of House and NICS. So in that regard, we don't actually watch all of the shows, we just have a lot that we could watch. Since now the signal comes in as HD, movies are awesome to watch and I've already DVRed Spiderman and watched it so I can only imagine that I'll be doing more of that in the future. Each movie is up to 3 hours long of record time, so you can see how things can add up.

So yea, the TV is great, and I really think Cristi has been enjoying it. She doesn't have as much attachment as I do, but she definitely recognizes how much clearer the picture is.

It has been a while since I've blogged anything about Makenna. I've kind of left it to Cristi to keep people updated since she has started her own blog. The biggest news I can share is that she can stand up and in the right scenario, will pull herself up to a standing position. What is funny to me is that before she could sit, she was satisfied to just lay there. Once she learned to sit, she would lay down for a while, then fuss until someone sat her up. Now, she lays for a while, then once sitting, will fuss until someone stands her up and holds her there or props her up against something. It's like she is only happy now when she is standing...whereas both her mom and I, at nights, all we want to do is go back to laying down.

She has really started eating which is a good thing. She is about as small as kids go and if I'm correct, is not even on the growth charts. Some parents say their child is in the top 75% in height and weight, others claim they are in the lower 10%. Well, we don't aren't even on the chart, so I guess we are below the bottom 1%. Her height and head size I believe are still normal (I feel like she is starting to grow into her head), and the doctor has said that she is healthy...just tiny.

She is such a good baby. She hardly ever fusses, except for night time when she is ready to eat and go to sleep. This only becomes an issue if we wait too long and she gets too tired. I don't think it will be much longer before she starts sleeping without the swaddle. It takes quite a bit of work to actually get her to sleep even with the swaddle, but she did take an hour or so nap at church last sunday without being wrapped up, so that's a good sign.

Last, but not least, a shout out to my high school. Last Monday, Abundant Life Schools (a 2A school) went up against Mountain Home which I believe is a 6A school (much larger tha ALS). The end score had the Owls a double digit winner; close to a 20 point winner. They face Cabot on Thursday, a 7A school and considered to be the best in the state right now. Apparently, three of the starting five have already committed to D-1 univerisities, and the other two will commit by the end of the year. It should be a fun game to watch, regardless of the outcome of the game.


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It's pretty sad but I did not know that about the Owls. I hear they are doing good but have not actually been able to go to a senior boys game. Where is the game tomorrow? Maybe I can try to go or at least make one by the end of the season.

By Blogger sdhorton, at December 3, 2008 at 4:14 PM  

I never really cared about the size/quality of TV's, they were all the same to me, while I notice the better quality of friends, when I got back to my old cruddy one I was still satisfied.

However, Che got a nice TV (dunno if it was plasma or LCD) sometime last year and now when I watch anything under his quality it frustrates the hell out of me.

And now when we go to friend's places now who have better TV's than ours - I go home wanting to upgrade :P

By Blogger babibootiful, at December 4, 2008 at 2:13 AM  

By the way - I still like getting update from you on Makenna :)

I like hearing the way both you and Cristi speak about her.. makes my heart melt! I just can't wait to have kids!

By Blogger babibootiful, at December 4, 2008 at 2:14 AM  

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