11/16/06 - Why am I an idiot?

Once again, I let my previous employer get to me. I don't know why I thought things could be different. Monday, I received a call from a previous customer who said that I had been given the green light to work on a program. Well, I wasn't about to work on it until an agreement was made in regards to money. It's a good thing, because I just returned a phone call to my previous employer (asking for support) when I asked about the situation. I then find out that they are already doing the support. I never got an email response, a phone call, or anything. Frankly, that upsets me. So, because of that, I will not be providing support at all to anyone through my previous employer, even if it is for internal support. I thought about providing the support and then billing them for it, but let's be honest, I would never see a penny of that. That's all i've got about that.

This weekend is the KC vs Oakland game. I'm looking forward to that. I might go buy a new pair of basketball shoes this afternoon for the game pickup games tonight. I don't want to type anymore.

Update: I feel much better after speaking with several good friends. Thanks guys.


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