11/22/08 - Saturday morning...

It is right now almost 10:00 on saturday morning. We've been up since 8:30 because Makenna has not been a good baby, and has been waking up every 3 hours or so. My wonderful wife has done most of the work, but even still, it does cut into quality sleep. We are watching Baby Noah, part of the Baby Einstein line of videos. I don't know how interested she is though because she seems to be spending more time watching me on the laptop.

Something I should also mention is what we are watching the movie on. It does surprise me that she isn't watching it because it's hard to miss. My new 46" Samsung LCD TV is pretty bright, and difficult to miss. I'll save the details, but after searching for THE tv for about 2 years now, I decided to get one this Black Friday (sales the day after Thanksgiving) and was willing to sit out for 12+ hours in whatever weather nature could throw at me to get a good deal. Turns out that I was able to get the exact TV I wanted, at a price cheaper than the Black Friday deals. I jumped at the opportunity (after a full day of agonizing over every little detail).

We don't have HiDef Dish service yet, but it is coming. I'm going to stick with the DVD player we have for now because quite frankly, I'm satisfied with DVD quality for a bit longer. My Xbox360 is hooked up and it is pushing out 1080p. I tried hooking up bunny ears to get my locals in HiDef but apparently the bunny ears I have suck pretty bad. There is also a PC input on the tv and last night I hooked up the laptop to see how it looked and holy smokes....the pictures are so incredibly crystal clear it is ridiculous.


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Glad you got your tv. I know you have been wanting one for a while. Chris really loves his and I think is still super happy with it.

By Blogger sdhorton, at November 25, 2008 at 12:29 PM  

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