11/18/08 - NKOTB Part 3

It has been a long time coming, and I know everyone has been anticipating the last installment of my review of NKOTB's newest album. Here is is...finally.

Of all the songs on the album, Track 11 creeps me out the most. With the name Lights, Camera, Action, I'm pretty sure you can figure out what it's about. The first time I listened to it, I nearly switched songs before the music even started. you can't appreciate it without hearing the voices, but the opening bit is two people talking, the guy asks a question in a really deep voice, followed by a female's voice that sounds scared to death. "[guy]Hey Girl, do you love me? [girl]Yes. [guy]Well, I wanna try somethin' with you so don't be shy, are you ready? [girl]Of course baby [guy] Let's go" I'll save you from the crap that is the rest of the lyrics of this song. Remember, these guys are closing in on 40.

Put It On My Tab is track 12 and features Akon. I really like Akon's stuff and this continues with this song. There really isn't anything creepy about this. It is simply about a guy who goes to a bar and offers to pick up the tab for a particular female. He actually even says that he really just wants to have a drink and he's not "that cat that just wants to hit it tonight". This is one of my favorite tracks.

Track 13 - Stare At You. Based on the title of this song, you would think this is just one more creepy track to add to the list, but it is actually simply a throw back to the a 90's boy band ballad. Cheesy...yes, creepy, not really.

One Song is the title of Track 14. I think this is the track that reminds the most of old school NKOTB. I was never a fan back in the day, but the first thing I imagine when I hear the music is the five guys standing on stage with their mic stands in front of them doing a boy band dance singing. I think this song is a spin off of Track 2, "Single" because again they are just looking for one song with this girl in hopes that they fall in love. This is really one of the worst songs.

Track 15 is Don't Cry. This is a tyipcaly boy band ballad. Very slow, lots of "moaning" type lyrics from the singers. The premise of the song is that he doesn't want his girl to cry if he dies. Lyrics that I really do like on the track is "Kiss me like it's the last time, love me like it's the first time". I don't really have anything bad to say about this track. It's not my favorite...but I just can't bash it.

The title of Track 16 is Officially Over. I hadn't actually listened to this song with it being at the end of the album, it usually is just playing in the background. I really paid attention this time around, and there are no hidden meanings in this song. It's a break up song, and a dang good one at that. I can only imagine a junior higher calling up a radio station and dedicating this to their boyfriend/girlfriend. "There's nothing we need to talk about, And I don't wanna work it out" is one of the lines. Like I said...there's no sugar coating...dude wants out of the relationship, and he nevers wants to talk to her again...period.

The last song on the album is Looking Like Danger. Another quality family type song. Big Idea: once again, dude is out at the club, girl is dancing all freaky like, "rockin the dance floor" and this makes it "hard to be faithful and honest". He mentions that he's got a baby at home (by baby, I believe he is referring to a significant other of similar age, as opposed to a toddler) and this skank ho is making it difficult to remain faithful to her. You would think that after writing several songs on this topic, he would have figured out how to stay out of those type of positions. And besides that, I'm curious how their wives reacted to this album when they found out that half the songs were about the guys cheating on them with girls half (or a third in some cases) their age.


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