11/4/08 - Day Light Savings Time messed me up

As everyone I am sure knows by this point, early Sunday morning at 2:00 am, we were supposed to fall back one hour for the whole daylight savings time mess. I definitely got the memo and so Saturday night, before I went to bed, I changed all the clocks in the house. The only clocks I didn't change were the clocks in the vehicles and my cell phones.

I assumed the cell phone would update automatically, so I didn't even think about much about it. I then proceeded to use my phone as my alarm clock like I always do. Sunday mornings, I pick Cristi up from work and then drive to Antioch Baptist Church in Conway. She gets off work at 8:00, and then is when I'm supposed to be there.

This also means that I have to get Makenna up, dressed and fed before we can leave the house as well as get myself ready. So when the alarm went off at 7:00 (after several times of hitting the snooze button), I just knew I was going to be an hour late to get Cristi and therefore an hour late to church.

I flew out of bed and threw on some clothes. I ran across the hall to wake up Makenna, hoped as I fed her that she would be a fast eater, and finally got her in some clothes. As I was about to walk out the door, Cristi called me and asked if I was awake (as she knows how I tend to oversleep) and I responded with "Yea, I'm just about to leave." Her immediate response was one of disbelief and a simple, "You are going to be really early." Apparently, I wasn't paying any attention at all, I just knew I had to leave soon because I was running late, so I politely hung up and did a few last minute items before jumping in the car to get to Cristi's work.

I should also mention, I went ahead a stopped for some coffee on the way and was still able to get to Children's in about an hour. So when I pulled into the parking lot and called Cristi to let her know I was there, I still thought it was 8:00 in the morning. When she told me it was only 7:00 in the morning, several things started falling into place.

1) She said several times on the phone that I was going to be early, I thought she meant like 10 minutes early.
2) It was MUCH brighter at that time than it normally had been the weeks before, apparently I hadn't noticed.
3) Amazingly, I thought the clock in the car had reset itself because it matched the time on my phone, and I sure thought the time of my phone was accurate.

Needless to say, I sat in the parking lot for an hour with Makenna while she played and I read through an Eastbay catalog. It all ended well and I really wasn't all that tired by the end of the day. This is because even though I got up an hour early, the time change means I still got the same number of hours of sleep.


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Daylight savings was hell for me this year too. Our daylight savings started on the 26th of October.

So when we went to bed on Saturday night, Che says to me ‘we need to set the clocks back an hour’. So I obeyed without thinking….
Here we are, setting all our clocks in the house BACK one hour, and Che says he’ll change the computer. I said not to worry about it as it will reset itself.
So we wake up on Sunday morning at 8.30am (actually 10.30am) and I decide to get up. Che gets up and suggests that we go to the movies, so he jumps on the computer to look up movie times, only to notice the time says 11.15am (here we are thinking it’s 9.15am…). Just like that *click* we lose 2 hours of our Sunday!

By Blogger babibootiful, at November 4, 2008 at 7:02 PM  

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