10/31/08 - NKOTB Part 2

This post is a follow up to the original post where I began reviewing New Kid's On The Block newest album, The Block. There will be one more following this to finish off the album. With that said, enjoy the review of the next 6 tracks.

Track 5 is called "2 in the morning" and has some very interesting lyrics. These are two of my favorites, "You know I like it when you've got your back to me, but not when you're mad at me" and "Gotta know if you're mad at me before Grey's Anatomy because we could drag this out all night." The main idea from what I can gather is that they are arguing a lot and the guy is basically fed up with it. It sounds like the guy tries everything to get stuff resolved but the girl just doesn't want to have anything to do with it.

Similar to Track 3, Track 6 is called "Grown Man" and features the Pussycat Dolls. The song basically sucks, but a portion of the chorus is worth putting here for your reading pleasure. "[PCD]Tell me what you want, [NKOTB]I'm gunna give you so grown man (8x)"....again....creepy.

Track 7....LOVE IT. It's called Dirty Dancing, before I go on, I want to specify that I like this song as well for the beat and music...not so much the words. The basic premise of the song is that dude is out in the club, getting his dance on and then decides to hook up with "shorty" even though his "baby" is in bed at home and she's been "blowing up his phone". I do enjoy the part in the song where he compliments the hoochy's "big ol' thighs", and explains that it's getting hotter than "The Block in the summertime". In all honesty, I wish I had the space to post all the lyrics of this song...they are classic.

Track 8 - Sexify My Love...what does that even mean? I've listened to the song several times and I still don't get it. Besides that the song sucks. Well, I decided to actually look up and read the lyrics and I now understand it. They want to "do it like a pro", "out in public", "on the hood of [his] car", and "try every position [they] can dream of". Alright, I still don't get the title, but still that is about as classy as it gets.

Track 9 is Twisted and it is about a chick who is pretty much crazy. Apparently she thinks that cuts and bruises hurt, but she likes that anyways and she also likes the screws and tattoos (what?). So then NKOTB claims that they want to help out and so they ask where it hurts so they can kiss it. They also offer their services in this most romantic exchange "You need me to come and twist for ya, I'll come and twist for ya, I'll even clean it for ya, I'll hurt ya if you like it and then I'll twist it for ya". What girl would not want something like that.

I was really looking forward to listening to Track 10 when I found out that it featured New Edition. What a huge let down. With the name Full Service, I assumed it would have some pretty sexual undertones which I expected from a New Edition song, but the analogies were really a stretch. He mentions filling up her tank because he's got the premium, but then talks about cleaning up after her if she spills her drink and claims he will bring the rain and thunder. I think they probably started out with a really good idea and then got bored and just put in a bunch of other stuff they thought people would enjoy.


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How funny! This just goes to show you that people really don't like the lyrics of most pop songs, it's the beat that attracks people. I bet if you listened to a lot pop song lyrics this is what you would find because those lyrics are horrible really.

By Blogger sdhorton, at November 3, 2008 at 9:06 AM  

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