10/20/08 - McCafe :(

I was pretty excited when I found out that the McDonald's down the road from my house (the same McD's that I worked at), was going to become a McCafe. Basically, it just means that they would renovate the insides, making it look "coffee shop fancy" and then starting selling premium coffee products. I have been known to enjoy a Starbucks or two; although not in quite some time, so I thought that discounted similar products would be nice. Plus, I am addicted to the McGriddles.

About a week ago, we got some coupons for a free McCafe coffee, free sandwich with purchase of coffee and a few others. I will say this, I should have known I was going to be unhappy with the results, because the last three times I've ordered a sandwich and coffee, the coffee has tasted like it has been sitting out for 3 days. It has the most bitter flavor of any coffee I've ever had.

The first try I ordered an iced Mocha. Now, when I was working there, they offered iced coffees, with flavoring, they just didn't have chocolate you could add. Why this did not ring a bell to me, I'm not sure because the resulting Iced Mocha was just as bad as the previous Iced Vanilla Coffee I had. This morning, I went back to get a McGriddle free of charge with purchase of a coffee so I went with the Hot version of the Mocha and was amazed to find out that it was just as bad as the iced version...only hot. To top it off, for some reason, it has left a film over my teeth and I can't get the taste out of my mouth.

Needless to say, I won't be having too many more of the coffee drinks from McDonald's, and that makes me sad.



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Let me just say this.....ARE YOU SURPRISED???? McDonalds and fancy...don't really make alot of sense. Did you really think that McD's is going to have this really nice "coffee shop" thing that worked? They probably just make it in the morning, and since its so busy, just leave it and don't bother to care what it really tastes like. Its going to be nasty cause its a fast food restaurant, not a Starbucks!!! Oh yeah, McGriddles are good, the best of which is bacon, egg, and cheese. They still don't touch the Egg McMuffin, which is the greatest sandwich of all time. I'm done!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at October 20, 2008 at 10:39 AM  

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