10/26/08 - Makenna is a Raiders Fan

Unfortunately, Makenna was born into an era where the Raiders are pretty much the laughingstock of the NFL. Razorback football isn't looking all that great either, but that is another post. As most everyone knows, I have been a Raiders fan since birth, thanks to my father who has been a Raiders fan since way back in the day. For an early Christmas present, Cristi's mom got Makenna a couple of Raiders outfits. We got them early because by Christmas, the Raiders will be done and we couldn't wear them on game days.

With that introduction, I have included several pictures with the most adorable Raiders fan you will ever see.

We were trying to hold up the #1 finger, but it didn't quite work...apparently she knew better.

I don't know what could be any cuter than this.

The picture on the left you see is how she feels when the Raiders win, and of course on the right is what she has been doing mostly this year.

I couldn't leave out her love for the Razorbacks. The picture on the right cracks me up. It looks like she is trying to pose and do her model thing.

This is when Cristi found out that she had outgrown her bouncy seat. She is supposed to be laying down, but she refused to and decided she wanted to situp even though that put the toys all up in her grill. She just looks like a doll sitting on the couch, and oh my goodness, if she were any cuter sitting on the beach, I think it would be a crime.


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She is just the sweetest looking girl ever! She is so gorgeous!

I would be happy checking your blog everyday just to see pictures of Makenna!
Of course.. that's not the only reason I stop by here though, so you may as well keep posting some text aswell *sighs*

Hehe.. I checked out Cristi’s blog just briefly the other day and I think it’s wonderful. I am starting to get very clucky (unbeknownst to Che), and Cristi’s posts are exactly why I can’t wait to be a Mum! Oh, sorry… “Mom”.

By Blogger babibootiful, at October 28, 2008 at 2:27 AM  

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