10/10/08 - Bosco's, Makenna, and being single

First, I will start with one of the most amazing meals I've had. I have eaten at many nice restaurants including Ashley's at the Captial, Capriccio's at the Peabody (of course, only you Arkansans can appreciate those), and the nicest being N9ne Steakhouse at the Palm's Casino in Las Vegas. We were given a a very large gift certificate as an anniversary present so we decided to give it a try. It was incredible. That is beside the point (I only mention that because I always feel fancy talking about). Wednesday, I had a meal that went above and beyond any local cuisine I have had. We ate at Bosco's down at the River Market.

If you are offended by the consumption of alcohol, please read my disclaimer at the bottom of this post. Bosco's is well known for their in house brewing of their own beers. I've had local Diamond Bear before and that was the only time, I thought it was horrible. I somewhat expected the same from Bosco's, but I went ahead and gave it a shot. I started with the Boscos Famous Flaming Stone Beer and was BLOWN AWAY with it's very cool, mild flavor. It was perfectly chilled and I will go out on a limb and say it was the best beer I've ever had. That was not the entire story though. The meal went above and beyond my expectations. First, I was expecting very high prices (which if we had ordered steak, we were looking at 30 a plate). Instead, I ordered an Angus Steak Sandwich which is a 10oz. Ribeye on sourdough bread topped with Tabasco seasoned fried onions. Served with the best side of unseasoned fries I've ever had (I think they beat Burger King). Cristi got a pizza of some sort and ate it before I had a chance to try it. With my meal I also ordered another beer, this time I went with the Isle of Skye Scottish Ale and was greeted with a very dark beer that concerned me as I typically shy away from very dark drinks. There was virtually no bitterness, yet nearly twice the flavors my frist drink offered. I preferred the Flaming Stone Beer, but would not turn down the Scottish Ale again at all.

That pretty much sums up the meal. I wish our waiter would have been a bit more diligent as it took the manager coming by before we got silverware, it took nearly five minutes to get a refill every time Cristi emptied her Dr. Pepper and he forgot my second beer order on multiple occassions it appeared. All said and done, we both had an amazing meal, I had some great drinks and still spent right at about $40. The environment is very classy, with excellent lighting and atmosphere. I will definitely be going back.

Now, on to a quick Makenna update. I do have pictures that I need to get up here, but as is typical, I haven't taken the time to do it. But, the news of the moment is that she is currently eating her food great. She doesn't eat quite as much as most books and articles claim she should, but we have already realized that she is kind of making up her own rules as she gets older. Unfortunately, she has not gained any weight since her 6 month appointment about four weeks ago. We are not sure what to do as she behaves just like any other 6 month old should, she just doesn't weigh as much. If she hasn't gained in the next couple of weeks, we might have some tests done to see if she might have some sort of metabolic malfunction (I don't think that is the right medical term).

Some fun news though is that she is "half-way" crawling/scooting. Half-way in that only one leg has figured out what it should do. She can push herself off the ground on to her hands and knees for a short period of time, but then she lays back down, pulls her left leg up, plants and then pushes off. Of course, the result of this is the same as a cricket with an injured leg...they just kind of go in circles. Two nights ago, I laid her on her stomach and just watched her, in about a 10 minute span, she made a rotation and a half. She still doesn't really have the hang of rolling from back to stomach, but she is AWESOME at going from back to side.

As for being single, I am really looking forward to next week. I am going to miss Makenna really bad, and my wife too, but they are going to be in Florida for a week visiting Cristi's mom. I'm a little nervous, not being able to be there to help keep up with all of Makenna's stuff, I just don't want Cristi to get stressed out or anything. My plan is that on Monday, play video games (off work for Columbus Day), Tue. and Wed., go to work, come home and play video games, thursday call in sick and play video games, the rest of the week...play video games. Other than that, I don't really have plans. I figure eating will be necessary, but sleeping might be optional. Sadly, Gears of War 2 doesn't come out until November, otherwise, I know my above schedule would work out.

**DISCLAIMER: I am sure that many of my readers know that I drink alcohol. Although my younger days are regretfully full of nights that I don't remember due to the effects of beer, I have matured to the point that drinking in excess is not on my list of things to do for many reasons. I do however have no problems with drinking on occassion and in moderation. I feel that the complexity of many beers are comparable to wine (although I have never enjoyed the few wines I have sampled) and therefore enjoy trying new beers when I have the opportunity. My only argument against drinking at all is that I am aware of the verse in the Bible (or passage) that states that we should not be stumbling blocks for others. For this reason, I typically only drink when it is my wife and I, and I NEVER drive a vehicle no matter how much I have to drink.


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I agree with your beer drinking policy. I think it is just a fine line and that's why people who have a problem with it just decide not to do it at all. We can be a "stumbling block" in many different ways not just alcohol. Also it says not to be drunk with wine. There is where the line is crossed that I can tell. I think you have to look at your motives for drinking too. It's a complicated subject hence the disclaimer,I'm sure.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at October 10, 2008 at 11:06 AM  

Next time I'm in your part of the world I'll have to go try some of those with you.

Yes, you do need to upload those photos.

It is nice getting some time to just play games every now and then. I'm currently waiting for Fallout 3 and Left 4 Dead to come out.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at October 10, 2008 at 5:18 PM  

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