10/1/08 - Amazon, Google Ads...and all day stuff

Well, since I recieved a poor response in regards to my last post, and apparently there are A LOT more people who enjoy keeping up with my life, I'm going to give you what you want. I have some stuff to start with, but I'm going to leave this window open all day, and basically just anything I think of, as off the wall as it might be, I'll throw it out there. This means it will be a long post, but it should make for some fairly interesting reading.

First of all, I don't have access to who is buying stuff, but whoever is using my Amazon link to buy things, I GREATLY appreciate it. I've got a pretty good idea who bought CoredDraw, but the 10mp camera and the DVD recorder are beyond me. I'm not looking for names, just wanted to say thanks. (there was also a book, and he already told me he bought that...thanks dude, by the way, if you are reading this, I have no idea what your email address is).

Also, wanted to remind people of the Google Ads at the bottom of each post. If it looks like it might be possibly interesting, don't hesitate to click on it. I get about $.02 a click, but even I have found that some of the links are pretty informative (although I admit, most of the stuff is crap).

So to start off the day, I found out how much the car is going to cost, around $250. That is dumb to me, but of course I'm not a mechanic. I found out a while back that most shops do not charge by how long it takes them. There apparently is a large reference book that contains virtually any type of work that can be done to a vehicle and as a standard, shows how long that job should take. This might be a myth, but I would believe it. The part I would imagine could probably be bought for a little under $100. If I had access to the tools I needed and a general understanding of the workings of a power window, I betcha I could get the job done in a little over an hour. My guess is that the "book" says it should take 2-2.5 hours and that is what i get charged, regardless of how long it takes them. On the other hand though, if they totally screw it up and it takes them 4 hours, I think they still only charge what the book says. I've run into this a few times before, I'd like to hear from a mechanic if this is accurate or not. We should get the car back this afternoon.

I drink coffee. Apparently, I drink a lot of coffee. I have a pretty good sized travel mug here at work and I usually drink two mugs full of strong coffee (brewed with two packs instead of just one). The problem is that I first fill it about 1/4 full of ice which waters down the coffee. Basically, I would say it equals out to a "slightly" stronger coffee than average. When we ate at IHOP (International House of Pancakes <-- for the aussie) I ordered coffee to drink (which was ridiculous at nearly $2...that's another rant) and began filling cup after cup. After about my 4th or 5th one, Cristi commented about how much I drink. Since the cups at IHOP are so small, even after the 6th cup, I didn't feel like I had as much as I do at work. Also, since I cool down my coffee to only "warm", I have a tendency to chug my coffee which cristi's grandmother found amusing.

Why is Christmas stuff out? At Target the other day, we went to look at a costume for Makenna (more on that in a second), and on the aisle adjacent to the costumes is a fairly sizable collection of Christmas decorations. I would say they were for Halloween, but last I checked Santa, the color red, and wreaths are not for decorating the any holiday before the month of December.

Makenna is going to be a pumpkin for her first Halloween. I have saved her years of embarassment by making sure that it is simply a onesie as opposed to the large, over the top, fluffy "sacks" that are so popular with parent's who think their children will thank them in years to come for dressing them up to look like an Anne Geddes photo shoot from hell. (no offense to those who will be dressing their children in one of the above mentioned "sacks", but seriously, just look at the kid in the picture in the link above...they don't enjoy it)

I have been listening to Aerosmith quite a bit recently. I don't remember what it was, but I was like...ya know what...I want to listen to some of their stuff. Not long after that, Rock Band: Aerosmith edition came out. I was a little disappointed with the song selection on the game, but it was still fun to play. I beat it fairly easily, but have continued listening. I'm actually listening to "Walk This Way" right now. I also have Amazing, and Crazy among others that I am really enjoying.

The day has gone by faster than I realized. I've been hard at work, formatting a tab control I've written for our project. It is pretty snazzy if I do say so myself. there are many bugs to work out, but I'm excited with the way it's coming along. We have to write our own version of this because we are not allowed to use open source code...long story, don't ask...(as if you cared).

I want to start running. Roxane posted about how she is considering running a 5k pretty soon. My cousin has been preparing for a 5k for quite some time, and Kelly, another friend of mine apparently has run several 5k races (I would link to her, but her blog is blocked her at work so I don't have the url). What's funny is that I did not even know she ran, the internet is a wonderful thing. My problem is that as much as I love running, and I really do love running, I only like to run when I'm in shape and can actually run for more than a few hundred yards before having to walk for a spell. Of course, you can see the infinite loop we have here, I only want to run when I'm good, but to get good, I have to run when I'm not good. It does make me feel really good after a good hard run, and the weather right now would be perfect for it. Who am I kidding...I'm pretty much too lazy/busy right now to add anything else to my plate. I will say this, it would do my dog some good to get out and run a little bit. In fact, he is probably as out of shape as I am so it would be interesting to see which one of us starts slowing down first.

The day is coming to an end, makenna is sitting in my lap as I type this out. she is fascinated with licking the back of my hand as i type. i'm not sure what she thinks she is doing. hopefully this has make some people happy that i have updated with a big post of nothing instead of a small post of nothing.

I love my daugther.


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I believe it was you who made fun of me when Chris and I were dating because I drank coffee. I think you called me "old" if I remember correctly! I find it odd that you are now into it too. Now that we have Nash, it is a necessity to start the day. I would also like to give you a compliment. I think it is great how involved you are with Makenna. I can tell she has you wrapped around her finer!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at October 2, 2008 at 9:23 AM  

I'm sure I made fun of you for drinking coffee. That was several years ago though, before we were "old". and yes...makenna has me wrapped around her finger. i'm scared to see what happens when she can talk and actually get me to do stuff for her.

By Blogger DJ Walker, at October 2, 2008 at 9:56 AM  

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By Blogger babibootiful, at October 2, 2008 at 7:49 PM  

Now that's more like it!
I WAS only kidding about the short post before, but am certainly not complaining as it gave me something to read first thing in the morning at work!

And as for IHOP - I knew what this was, only because of the movie I Am Sam :P

I can't wait to see photo's of Makenna in her costume! Are you guys dressing up too?

By Blogger babibootiful, at October 2, 2008 at 7:56 PM  

Your hypothesis about car shop charges are true. There is a standard for each Make and Model. Their goal obviously is to get it done quicker than the allowed time. The tech working the service order generally will not get paid for any time that goes over.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at October 2, 2008 at 9:45 PM  

Btw, the long post was good.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at October 2, 2008 at 9:48 PM  

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