9/2/08 - Life can be slow at times....

And this is one of those times.

Makenna is growing like crazy. Just a few weeks ago, Cristi and I started putting Makenna in her exersaucer. She wasn't quite tall enough to put her feet on the bottom so we started putting a blanket down so she could stand up on her toes. Within a week, she no longer needed the blanket, and now she is completely standing up with no blanket and pushing herself out of the seat.

She doesn't spend much time on her stomach, so I think she is a little slower than most in regards to starting to crawl and stuff like that. She really doesn't even try to push herself up when she is on her belly.

We started her on solid foods last Wednesday last night when I fed her, she is really starting to figure it out. Although she thought it was hilarious everytime she got a mouth full of food. This of course causes a problem with her ability to keep that food in her mouth...it just has a tendency to fall out. After a few failed attempts, she really started going to the point that she was grabbing my hand and shoving the spoon in her mouth.

I did nothing this weekend worth mentioning. Mowed, laid in the pool, played with Makenna and beat Guitar Hero: Aerosmith. (so I mentioned it anyways). I also did get a few computers fixed and up to a running state. Now only about 8 more to go to get my office cleaned out. I guess cleaning is another thing that I got accomplished this past week. Emptied the guest room, cleaned the bathrooms, did a bit of vaccuuming, I guess it was faily productive.

If anyone has any recommendations on how to convert an .avi file to a format for play on an ipod, I'm all ears. I have made a couple of half-hearted attempts with no positive results so if anyone has a tried and true method...either send me an email (gravytrain6 (at) gmail (dot) com) or just left a comment on this note.

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