8/18/08 - More pictures of Makenna...finally

Poor thing nearly fell asleep in her exersaucer. But then there are times when she is having the time of her life.

Cristi thinks she looks her cutest when her hair is wet. She also thinks she looks more like me when her hair is wet. I'm guessing it has something to do with the bald head look.

This is a more recent picture of this picture. She has gotten quite a bit bigger from that last one.

She just looks so cute. The first picture is her in an outfit that her Mimi bought for her down in Mexico I think. The other is her attempting to eat her feet which she likes to do a lot.

Raider is no longer scared of her. In fact, they are both getting really interested in each other. Raider is realizing that she isn't going away, and Makenna is realizing that he is a little bit different from Mom and Dad. I can't wait until she becomes mobile and see Raider's reaction to that.

We love hanging out with each other. Apparently when I was younger, I loved sleeping in my dad's armpit...I guess Makenna comes by it naturally. The other was taken just the other night. You can't really see it in the picture, but as I was holding her, she just put her hand behind my back and rested it on my neck. Then she just leaned over and put her face right on mine.


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She is just gorgeous! Every one of them makes me smile!

I love love love love the one of her trying to eat her feet! And the close up of her in the exersaucer is just SO CUTE!

And of course the photo of Makenna and her daddy!

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