7/22/08 - The swing review

The correct name of the Baby Swing we purchased is actually Fisher-Price Papasan Cradle Swing. For the sake of not having to type that every time, it's called a baby swing.

If it were not for this swing, I have no idea where Cristi and I would be. Since Makenna was about two weeks old, she has slept in her swing every night and for every nap she has taken. She is not a fan of sleeping at all, but the noises and motions of this swing put her to sleep within minutes of putting her down.

Some of the features include multiple positions of the cradle portion. You can increase or decrease the incline. You can also switch the direction of the swing from side to side to front to back. Makenna only likes the side to side, but it was good to know we had the option available.

It also has several audio options, Makenna prefers the rain forest sounds and the 6 levels of speed although helpful to some, has not been a benefit to us as we have only used the highest setting. This particular model is very portable, in that it collapses to a much size so technically if we ever needed to take it with us somewhere, we would be able to. It is still very tall which might be a problem for some, but it should still fit even in the trunk of the Accord.

Biggest drawback. The battery usage. It requires four D batteries to run, and as much as we have been using it, that lasts somewhere between one and two weeks. At a cost of $5 per four pack (cheaper when bought in bulk) that can start adding up over the long haul. We have recently invested in rechargeable batteries which has helped in that regard, but what would be really nice is to have some sort of ac adapter available for this model so we could just plug it into the wall and not have to worry about batteries at all.

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being a perfect product, I think we would have to rate this product around an 8. Maybe slightly lower. It is fairly expensive as swings go, and although the different options are nice to have, they aren't really needed and therefore we haven't really gotten our money's worth of these features. usage wise, we have gotten our money and then some. The biggest negative is of course the use of batteries.


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About the swing,Nash loves his too and does sleep in it a lot. I try to get him in his bed at first for the longest stretch and then it's off to the swing. He naps in his too. Mine is something like that but it is not as portable and does have the adapter thing so I don't have to get batteries.

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