7/1/08 - No complaints here...

I've been in a pretty good mood the last couple of days. I'm not really sure what it is. I feel pretty stress free, and in fact, on Sunday, I spent quite a bit of time in the afternoon just floating in our pool (which I finally got put together and filled). I don't remember the last time I just laid around and did nothing (nothing as in no television or video games or some other form of stimulus). It was really nice, not including the nice sunburn I got.

Speaking of the pool, what a mess. I still don't have it completely leak free, but it's close enough that I'm happy with it. At some point this summer, I might decide to replace the hose and seal that is leaking, but I just can't be bothered with all the other stuff I had to do to get this far.

Sunday night, the family came over and we had a cookout thanks to Greg's big idea. We asked if the pool was ready, I said come on over, he said let's have a cookout. Four hours later everyone was at my door ready to grill out some food and swim for a little bit. We had a great time.

Makenna is four ounces away from 10 pounds, so that is a huge deal. She is supposed to be 11 pounds at her next appointment which is in two weeks, but a little over 10 pounds should be about right for her length from what we've read. Hopefully the doctor is satisfied and we can cut back some of her night feedings. That way not only will we both get a little more sleep at night, but Makenna hates having to get up every 3 hours. I overslept the other night and almost exactly four hours later, she was ready to eat. I can only imagine how important that extra hour would be for Cristi every night.

The weekend of the 4th is coming up, and I'm really looking forward to it. I have this Wednesday off as my flex day at work (we've started working four 10 hours days), and then I go in on Thursday, where we typically get off 2 hours early the day before a holiday. Friday we have off, which I plan on spending the morning and early afternoon with family, probably playing in the pool, grilling out some steak and just havinga good time. That afternoon, around 3:00 or so, Phillip and I will be headed up to Kansas City to hang out with a bunch of people from camp. We'll come back Sunday afternoon/night and then I'm taking off next Monday as my flex day to catch up on sleep and relax after the 14+ hours worth of driving over the weekend.

I'll save the rest of my summer plans for a later post, but I've got New York and Nashville coming up pretty soon.

Huge news...a really good friend of mine from Australia, who we jokingly refer to each other as "internet husband and wife" (and yes, Cristi knows all about her) just told me that she and her current boyfriend are planning a trip to America sometime in 2010. They will be in new york and las vegas, but that's probably as close as we will ever be, so I'm thinking I might see if cristi wants to travel around the same time to be closer so we could actually meet in person. that's a long shot, but it was really exciting news for me.

I've got a few pictures I need to put up including Makenna and her first boyfriend as well as a few pictures that my mom has apparently taken over the last several weeks. Cristi was telling me that there are some really good ones of Makenna smiling and laughing. Last, but not least, several weeks ago, we had some professional pictures taken of Makenna by a friend of Cristi's. As part of the sitting fee, she is willing to shoot anything, so since Cristi's mom and grandma were in town, they got a few family shots. Here is a link to the flickr page of all the shots. If you are interested in ordering any of the pictures, leave a comment, call me or send me an email, I can get you the order forms and stuff. Here is the main link...and here's my favorite


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