7/31/08 - New York...not so great

I spent the last several days in New York City seeing the sites and taking in a ball game at both Yankee Stadium and Shea stadium. This is the last year for both stadiums, and so we wanted to see a game in each.

I'll have a longer write up when I get back from Nashville this weekend, but for now, we did have a good time, I just felt that New York was a let down from what I was expecting.

I'll have pictures also, which I will probably be hosting on facebook as opposed to on here. I haven't decided yet.

Although I did not get a picture of him, the most intersted person I came across was an older gentleman, I would say mid to late 50's probably about 5'6". He had a 10" spike of hair on the top of his head wearing a kilt and a long sleeve black shirt. He had big black army looking boots and on both of his arms had metal studded pads. Somehow, everyone else with me did not see this person so I am now beginning to wonder if I dreamed this guy up...I'm actually hoping that I did dream this guy up.


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