7/8/08 - Kansas....not that bad

I spent the last weekend in Olathe, KS with Phillip visiting friends from camp. I had a great time and we managed to get in quite a bit of tennis and a game of ultimate frisbee. We had an incredible game of Mau, played quite a bit of speed scrabble and several other games, some of which I've already forgotten. Even without the games though, it's always nice to be in the company of friends. Big ups to the entire Nelson family for being totally awesome...they let us stay on their couch and wound up feeding us for several meals while we were there...in fact I think all of the meals while we were there.

On a side note, I've lost about 10 pounds in the last three weeks or so, starting the day before I left for camp. I dropped below 170 last friday and lost another two while in Kansas somehow. I really don't want my weight to drop that much, but the location of the weight is the problem. Since I'm not lifting weights and adding mass in the right places, I'm going to have to settle with the loss for now.


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