6/10/08 - Wendy's Hand-Spun Shakes

I was really excited about these when they came out. I loved the original Frosty. Then, they came out with the Vanilla Frosty which seemed even better than the original, especially in the form of a float (and I'm not much of a float kind of guy).

These looked to be awesome. The strawberry is what really got me excited as I thought it would be an awesome combination...the sweet coldness of the frosty and the wonderful flavor that is the strawberry. Today, I decided to head to the local Wendy's and get me one.

I was out of cash, so I scrounged around and found 2 dollars in quarters thinking that would be plenty. This thought process was based on the fact that the last time I got a frosty, a small was only $.99. I figured they would charge an additional $.25 or even more for the flavor and then add tax...even with a bit more markup, no way could it be more than $2.

When I pulled up to the drive-thru...I was very surprised. At $2.39, I was obviously way off on my estimate. My next thought was that the size for that dollar amount was quite a bit larger than the value meal frosty. Nope...same size...12oz. On top of that, I found out that they have raised the price of Frosty's to $1.19.

I was still excited about the thought of the frosty and strawberry goodness, so I scrounged around in the console to find more change. All together, it was $2.62 and I was able to get enough quarters, dimes and pennies to pay the tab. With Frosty in hand, I was ready to give me tastebuds a ride they would remember.

WOOOOOOOW!!!!....I was more disappointed by what I was presented with than basically the entire Indiana Jones movie....and that movie sucked. I'm not really sure where to start, but I'll give it a shot.

1) The price. If the flavor had been off the charts, the price wouldn't have been a big deal. It wasn't, therefore price gets on the list. I paid an extra $1.29+tax for a cherry, a blob of whipped cream, and probably about 2 cents worth of strawberry syrup. That is unacceptable, and if nothing else, the whipped cream and cherry adding NOTHING to the package.

2) Presentation. The pictures on the website, advertisments, commercials, etc all show what is obviously a vanilla frosty with swirls of strawberry flavoring. That is what I was looking for. I love the vanilla frosty flavor, and wanted just that extra flavor from the strawberry. What i recieved instead was a cup of vanilla frosty that had been thoroughly blended with an overpowering amount of strawberry syrup. It didn't even look good when I got it.

3) Flavor. As I mentioned just above, the strawberry was too strong. If they would have put about half as much flavoring, it would have been so much better. Along the same lines, if there were simple ribbons of flavor, instead of a fully blended item, it wouldn't have been a strong in each bite.

4) Options. After I ordered and really got to thinking about it, the choices they offer are pretty lame. If you order a Vanilla Bean Hand-spun frosty shake, you basically get a runny vanilla frosty. Get the chocolate shake, and you are presented with a runny original frosty. The strawberry of course is the only "new" item they put on the menu. That's pretty stupid. Once again, the ribbons would make a HUGE difference.

5) Hand Spun? There is no way what I got was hand spun. If by hand spun, they mean put under a commercial blender and someone hand pressed the button to start it up, then yeah...I guess it was hand spun.

At the end of the day, I'm glad I went and got one because it looks so good on TV and in ads. I would have been wanting one for all eternity if I never did go up and get it. However, I'm going to rate this thing a 3 on a scale of 1-10 with ten being the perfect dessert. I'm not against Frostys in general, because I would give a vanilla frosty a 8 on that same scale.


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I agree that the term "hand-spun" is pretty deceptive. It's like being able to call something "homemade" just because it was assembled at home, regardless of whether or not 90% of the work was automated. Chik-fil-a also offers a "hand-spun" milkshake, but all they do is add flavoring to their soft serve ice cream and use a mounted blender to mix it up, which is what every fast food restaurant I know of does. I actually don't have as much of a problem with them using a commercial mixer to blend it as I do with them using soft-serve ice cream as the base. I realize it's cheaper and easier, but they shouldn't be acting like it's a lovingly prepared, flavorful milkshake. TCBY, on the other hand, used to make any of their ice creams into a milk shakes, which basically involves adding milk to the ice cream and blending it until it'll go through a straw. The flavor is worlds away from anything you'll get from soft-serve. I'm not entirely sure that TCBY still does this as I haven't ordered a shake from there in years, but I'm sure a lot of ice cream places probably do.

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the indiana jones movie was awesome, your just getting old and cranky....

By Blogger cslewis3147, at June 22, 2008 at 12:38 AM  

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