6/1/08 - Nursing Pad Review

When Makenna was first born I used the disposable nursing pads. I used Medela pads which I liked a lot. They hold a lot of milk and they don’t leak. After a while they started to irritate my skin and became scratchy. So a friend told me to try the washable nursing pads. There are many different kinds, but there are two that I especially like. I use Medela cotton washable nursing pads and Gerber washable pads. They have different features that work well for different things. The Medela pads are bigger and thicker and absorb a lot more milk. Since Makenna is sleeping through the night I tend to leak a LOT of milk at night. I use the Medela pads at night so that I don’t wake up covered in milk. However, they are not good for during the day because they are very visible through clothing. I use the Gerber pads during the day, especially if I’m going somewhere. They are thinner, smaller, and absorb less milk, but they don’t show through clothing as much. Since she is eating more frequently during the day, these pads seem to work fine. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being a perfect product, I would have to rate the Medela washable pads a 9 because they are very absorbent and they don't leak, but they are visible through clothing. The Gerber pads I would give a 6 because although they are less visible through clothing, they don't absorb as much and they leak often.

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