5/19/08 - Short weekend...but nice

Friday night, I went to the massive Arkansas town of Monticello. I headed down 530 through Pine Bluff and then I believe it was 425 to Monticello. There is nothing down there. I went down to watch my of my favorite people graduate high school. Cheyenne was a junior bridesmaid in my wedding and we have been great friends both before and since then. She was in fact the valedictorian of her class of I believe 142 and has been accepted into OBU with a very lucrative scholarship. I know she's going to have a blast down there. (plus, she said she would get me tickets to Tiger Tunes next year).

While I was down there, I ate at a place called Ray's. I don't think it was Ray's Diner or Ray's One stop. I think it was just "Ray's". Whatever the case, I had high hopes because Cristi and I have been watching Diners, Drive-ins and Dives on Food network with Guy whatever his name is. They always have great food, great atmosphere, and so on. I was not so lucky with Ray's. I asked the girl at the counter to order for me and get whatever was best. I ended up with a barbecue sandwich and an order of onion rings, both of which I typically love. The onion rings were supposedly homemade, and had more fried batter than actually onion ring. I would not recommend them. I thought the sandwich was very good, but it just tasted like the barbeque you get in a cafeteria when the stuff is made in mass quantities. It filled me up, but didn't leave me begging for more.

Saturdsay was completely uneventful as I hoped it would be. Cristi and I stayed in bed with my wonderful baby girl until around noon. We watched TV, talked, laughed and basically just "wasted" time. Around 2:00 or so, we headed up to Kroger to get some groceries and when we got back, I helped a friend of mine move his two incredibly awesome new TVs into his new house. I can't wait to see them hooked up. I had another errand to run after that, but was home not longer after. The rest of the night was spent hanging out with Makenna and then my parents came over and my dad helped me run surround sound in the living room. I finally finished it all last night, but it sounds AWESOME.

Sunday, we made it to church for Bro. Horton's last sunday as the church's pastor. It was a really cool service and very touching as he passed the torch to Bro. Jason. Afterwards, our sunday school had a picnic in Toad Suck (yes, that really is a place) on the river. We had hamburgers and hot dogs and basically just talked. I did find out that my website apparently has more fans than I realized. After we got back home from the picnic, I spent the afternoon spreading mulch in flower beds and then taking my parents out to eat for dad's birthday and a late mother's day dinner.

Next weekend is Memorial Day which means a 3 day weekend. I'm hoping that we will be able to get our pool setup over the weekend, although I'll probably start doing some of the work as early as Tuesday of this week. I'm really excited about getting the pool setup because this summer, my job is offering flex time which allows you to work four 10 hours days and get a day off every week. I get Wednesday's off so hopefully every Wednesday for the rest of the summer will be nice and sunny so I can hang out by the pool with Makenna and Cristi.

Softball game tonight which should be interesting because it's at 8:30, I'm already tired and I'm trying to get sick. I do have tomorrow off for doctor's appointments so it's not as big of a deal that I'll be getting to bed late, but I don't want my fatigue to have a negative impact on my performance this evening.


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