5/7/08 - Nipple Shield product review

As you will probably quickly notice, this is another product review from Cristi. She has written several more posts that I will put up over the next several days.

The first week that Makenna was born I had a problem with my nipples cracking. This is VERY painful and I didn’t know what to do. Someone told me to try a nipple shield. This product turned out to be a curse and a blessing. I use the Medela contact nipple shield. When I first started using it I thought it was great because although it still hurt to breastfeed, it was much less painful and allowed my nipples to heal. I thought once I was healed I would go back to nursing as usual and get rid of the shield. I was wrong. What I didn’t know is that once you use the shield you are stuck with it. After a week of using the shield I tried to nurse without it and Makenna wouldn’t nurse. She is almost 7 weeks old and I have tried numerous times to get her to nurse without it and she just won’t do it. So, I guess we are stuck with it. At home it isn’t a big deal to use the shield, but in public it is just one more thing to mess with and makes nursing very difficult. The next time we have a baby I will not be using the shield unless absolutely necessary. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being a perfect product, I would have to rate this item a 7 because it's very effective for it's intended use but then the baby relies on it.

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